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Young Woman Delicious Peeping 2016

Young Woman Delicious Peeping 2016

Young Woman Delicious Peeping 2016

Young Woman Delicious Peeping 2016: Firstly, Minseok who lives a small cafe and lives hard. So, I will have a crush on a regular customer. However, And more and more, his love changes with the obsession and fantasy to the ship. Then, Moving forward to the ship ‘s house When the ship does not search for a cafe for a while, Minseok’ s anxiety reaches extreme, I witness that the ship is entering the house with the monk.  On the other hand, Jeong – su is treated as a monk, and Min – suk in front of the ship ‘s house. Minseok kidnaps the ship.

Secondly, Min-Seok’s running a small cafe and he kidnapped his unrequited love, Mi-Sun. Finally,..

Also Known As: Young Woman: Delicious Kannon (2016), Woman Delicious Peeping / masissneun gwaneum / 어린여자 : 맛있는 관음
Genre: Drama, 18+, Adult, Asian, Erotic, Film Semi, Korean, Romance
Country: South Korea
Lanuage: Korean
Runtime: 85 min
Release in South Korea: 2016/07/21
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Gi Dae-ho (기대호)

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Park Cho-rong-I (박초롱) as Ga-yeong (가영)
Jeong Min-joo (정민주) as Na-eun (나은)
Choi Kyeong-hee-I (최경희) as Da-in (다인)
Lim Hye-jin (임혜진) as Yoon-hee (윤희)
Je Dong-hwa (제동화) as Joon-seok (준석)
Seong Min (성민) as Da-in’s husband (다인남편)
Lee Joon-gyoo (이준규) as Visiting professor 1 (방문교사1)
Baek In-kwon (백인권) as Visiting professor 2 (방문교사2)
Park Jeong-hwan (박정환) as Seong-joon 1 (성준1)
Han Sang-ho (한상호) as Ga-yeong’s husband (가영남편)
Oh Jeong-jin (오정진) as Seong-joon 2 (성준2)
Yoo Ri (유리) as Seong-joon’s wife (성준부인)
Jeong Myeong-seo (정명서) as Yoon-hee’s lover (윤희애인)
Im Myeong-se (임명세) as Na-eun’s son (나은아들)
Kim Sang-hyeon-I (김상현) as Ski resort man (스키장 남)

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