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Yellow Hair 1999 full movies free online

Yellow Hair 1999 full movies free online

Yellow Hair 1999 full movies free online

Yellow Hair 1999 full movies free online: Firstly,a train arrives, and people are getting out of the station. In the stream of black coloured heads, we notice a yellow hair. This bold colour is easy enough to spot at once, no matter how far you are from it. Yellow Hair begins with a narration as we see two dolls beside the window and a person sitting by a grave in the background. People establish their own places in society by many different means. The fact that two women, Yoona and SangHee, chose the yellow colour for their hair makes a statement about their lives. Yoona selected the colour because she did not want to appear naive, and SangHee joined her in solidarity.   They live in ShinChon, a trendy suburb characterized by the international youth appeal, consumption, decadence, and non-conformity, and They also inhabit UnJung, the deserted house near the cemetery. They live their chaotic lives in these two vastly different spheres. When they meet YoungKyu at a club and he immediately enters their lives. Together they share the music, dance and sex.   For some unknown reason, YoungKyu then attempts to move onto another woman, an ex-colleague at work. The woman becomes the object of hate for the two girls. It is difficult to fathom the last place the girls travel to, if there is such a place that accepts the yellow haired people. The response of our society to these outcasts is depicted in the scene where a rough hand grabs their hair.

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  1. In March 1999, Yellow Hair became the first film to be rejected outright by the Korean Performing Arts Promotion Committee (KPAPC), the organization responsible for film certification and censorship within South Korea.

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  • Movie: Yellow Hair 1999
  • Revised romanization: Norang meori 1999
  • Hangul: 노랑머리
  • Director: Yu-min Kim
  • Writer:
  • Producer:
  • Cinematographer:
  • Release Date: June 26, 1999
  • Runtime: 85 Min.
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


  • Lee Jae-Un – Yu-na
  • Kim Ki-Yeon – Sang-hui
  • Hyeong-chul Kim – Young-gu
  • Min Kyung-Jin
  • Park Kyeong-Hwan