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Yellow Flower 2002 full movies

Yellow Flower 2002 full movies

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Yellow Flower 2002 full movies

Yellow Flower 2002 full movies: Firstly, Fundamental to the explorations of human sexuality that has become a trademark of the New Korean Wave, the film has taken three years to overcome the scissors of censorship in Korea. It is a disjointed and rather abstract story in a modern urban landscape and dotted with remarkably accomplished sex scenes. This film is not for Puritans, but even the most liberal minds may find it quite enlightening to see explicit sexuality treated as a medium of artistic expression rather than a product for the consumer. With a very pleasant ambient soundtrack. On the other hand, they get what they wish and live with each other have happiness so much….

Yellow Flower 2002 full movies

Directed by: Jeong-gu Kim, Ji-sang Lee
Writer(s): Jeong-gu Kim, Ji-sang Lee
Producer(s): Il-kwon Kim
Cast: Yong-geun Bae, Se-yeon Choi, Hyeon-suk Kim, Yeong-mu Kim, Su-hie Ko, Yu-won Lee, Kyeong-pyo Nam, Hyeon-ji Oh, Jae-hyeon Park, Mi-hyeon Park, Ji-ni Woo, Dong-seok Yu, Ki-woong Yun
Genre: Action, Romance, Mature, Erotic, Adult
Running Time: 98
Country: South Korea
Language(s): Korean
Release Date: 2002-01-01 (Korean)
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Genre: Korean 18+


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