Where’s Satomi 2014 full movies

Where's Satomi 2014

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Where’s Satomi 2014 full movies

Where’s Satomi 2014 full movies: Firstly Yuria Satomi (Yuria Satomi) is gravure idol and a goddess in the Japanese AV industry. She has a fan meeting prepared by a Korean agency. The Korean agency though attempts to orchestrate the fan meeting as cheap as possible. A fake interpreter is hired and a cheap motel is booked rather than a hotel.

Secondly, Yuria Satomi arrives in South Korea and prepares for her fan meeting. Things go unexpected as her interpreter leaves for another part-time job, her manger goes off to an internet cafe to send emails to their management company in Japan and a female worker at the Korean agency disappears in their car. However, Yuria Satomi is left all alone in her bunny outfit.

Thirdly, she appeared in a bunny girl costume in the middle of Gangnam!
Yuria Satomi is an idol in the world of AV and while her Korean agency is preparing her fan meeting, they are struggling to save as much money as they can. They get a fake translator and book a cheap motel for her as the fan meeting goes on.

The irresponsible translator leaves in the middle for another job and the manager disappears into a PC room to send an e-mail to their Japanese agency, so Satomi is on her own. The female worker left on site even disappears with the van, at the end, Satomi is left in the middle of the city in nothing but a bunny girl costume… Finally, they get happiness…

Where’s Satomi 2014 full movies free online

Original Title: Where’s Satomi 2014, Where’s Satomi? 2014, Satomireul Chatsara 2014, 사토미를 찾아라 2014, sa-to-mi-leul chaj-ah-la 2014, Find Satomi 2014

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Also Known As: Where’s Satomi 2014 cast imdb story,

Writer: New Pistol
Producer: Kim Jung-Hwan, Kim Goon, New Pistol
Cinematographer: Kim Jong-Sun, Lee Sung-Jin
Distributor: Bridgeworks Entertainment

Genre:  18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Drama, Comedy
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Length: 88 min
Release Date in South Korea: October 16, 2014
View: 100
ContentRating: G
Publish Date: 2018-03-09

Where’s Satomi 2014

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Yuria Satomi 里美ゆりあ As Yuria Satomi (사토미유리아)
Kwak Han-goo 곽한구 As Tsuyoshi (츠요시)
Sun Woo-chul 선우철 As Representative (대표)
Shim Chae-won 심채원 As Soon-yeong (순영)
Ahn Jin-woo-I 안진우 As Ja-gil (자길)
Sung Min-kyu 성민규 As Tae-gyo (태교)
Yoon Sul-Hee as Mi-Sun
Kim Tae-Hyun as Galchi (Hair Tail)
Kim Kwang-Hyun as Detective 2

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