Weekend couples 2016 full movies

Weekend couples 2016 full movies

Weekend couples 2016 full movies

Weekend couples 2016 full movies: Firstly, “Well yen on weekdays to eat?” Four authentic Torah Les explore complex story! Younghun feels a strange attraction to a married woman Meilan getting the attention of the house gulls men in one body as beauty eonan colleagues and ppyae.

Daesihan younghun to continue to share the erosion and erosion finally become a hot affair Manda ppajyeodeulgo endlessly on her appeal. One day, younghun, browse to the house of erosion is given there is a video message … It is just shocking erosion couples have used the younghun sex partners. After proposing to join in their games younghun husband jeonguk of erosion to contact, and who worried younghun Manda and eventually join him. Younghun is the conflict between emotion and desire for erosion and the erosion in demand have put a jeonguk you love … this is jeonguk One suggestion to get her. It is to the right of erosive sex in front of their … younghun accepts the offer jeonguk start having sex earlier but abandoned erosion in the middle and I do jeonguk disappear … this saying would leave the erosive He Jin did pass the test.

Weekend couples 2016 full movies

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The story explores the theme of netorare complex in earnest.
Yeong-hoon realizes that he is strangely drawn to Mi-ran, a married woman, who is one of his colleagues at work and adored by many men. Yeong-hoon keeps flirting with her constantly and he finally ends up having a passionate sex with Mi-ran. He becomes deeply drowned into her allure. One day, Yeong-hoon receives a shocking video message when he visits Mi-ran’s house. On the other hand, The video informs him that Mi-ran’s couple has been using Yeong-hoon as their sex partner. Mi-ran’s husband, Jeong-wook invites him to join their games.

Yeong-hoon cannot decide between his loving emotion for Mi-ran and his desire. Yeong-hoon after all tells the husband to let her go, because he is in love with Mi-ran. Jeong-wook accepts his request under one condition, which is that Yeong-hoon should have sex with Mi-ran in front of Jeong-wook. Yeong-hoon accepts the suggestion and starts having sex with Mi-ran in front of Jeong-wook, but he stops in the middle. Jeong-wook says that he will leave Mi-ran, although Yeong-hoon did not pass the test. After finishing his words, Jeong-wook disappears.


Also Known As: 주말부부 (ju-mal-bu-bu), “A Long Distance Couple”
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic •Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Lanuage: Korean
Runtime: 86 min
Release in South Korea: 2016/07/08
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Gi Dae-ho (기대호)
Writer: Noh Ju-Hyung
Jeong Myeong-seo 정명서
So Yeong 소영
Jang Tae-san 장태산
Ahn So-hee-I 안소희

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