Vegetarian 2009 full movies free online

Vegetarian 2009 full movies free online

Vegetarian 2009 full movies free online

Vegetarian 2009 full movies free online: Firstly, A young housewife, finds herself having strange dreams that make her disgusted by meat, leading to trouble with her meat-loving husband and attention from her artist brother in law.

Young-Hye (Chae Min-Seo) suffers from nightmares and then becomes a vegetarian. Video artist Min-Ho (Kim Hyun-Sung) is married to Yeong-Hye’s older sister Ji-Hye (Kim Yeo-Jin). These three figures try to overcome there violent realities through their own ways …


  1. Based on the novel “Chaesikjuuija” by writer Han Kyung. The book was originally published as three separate novelettes and then compiled into a novel (published October 30, 2007 by Changbi Publishers – ISBN: 978-89-364-3359-8)
  2. “Vegetarian” has been invited to the “World Cinema Narrative Competition” at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival (January 21-31).

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  • Movie: Vegetarian
  • Revised romanization: Chaesikjuuija
  • Hangul: 채식주의자
  • Director: Lim Woo-Seong
  • Writer: Han Kang, Lim Woo-Seong, Kim Sun-Jung
  • Producer: David Cho, Lim Min-Sub
  • Cinematographer: Kim Chang-Bae
  • World Premiere: October 8, 2009 (Pusan Int. Film Fest.)
  • Release Date: February 18, 2010
  • Runtime: 113 min.
  • Genre: Arthouse / Drama
  • Distributor: Sponge Ent.
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea
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Chae Min-Seo as Young-Hye
Kim Hyun-Sung as Min-Ho
Kim. Yeo-Jin as Ji-Hye
Kim Young-Jae as Kil-Soo
Gi Ju-Bong as Ji-Hye’s father
Son Hee-Seon as Ji-Hye’s mother

Additional Cast Members:

  • Yoon Ji-Hye as Hye-Kyung
  • Kim Ui-Jin as Ji-Ho
  • Choi Jin-Ho as Director Park
  • Park Ji-Yeon as nurse
  • Jo Min-Ah as Young-Hye (child)
  • Tae In-Ho as Sang-Min

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