Trap Deadly Temptation 2015

Trap Deadly Temptation 2015

Trap Deadly Temptation 2015

Trap Deadly Temptation 2015: Firstly, New work of director Bong Man-dae of “The Sweet Sex and Love” and “Cinderella”. So, The fatal love story of a teenage girl Yu-mi, who seduces guests who come to the inn, and Jeong-min, a writer in his 30s.

How far can a man run away when he is trapped by fatal attraction?

Jeong-min, a scenario writer, was recently dumped by his girlfriend who left for another man. On the other hand, No matter how much he begs she never seems to return to him. To forget everything and concentrate on his scenario, Jeong-min stays in a small inn in a remote country town. There he meets an attractive teenage girl, Yoo-mi who lives with the mysterious landlord. Day by day Yoo-mi seduces Jeong-min and when he finally falls for her, she asks him to kill the landlord.

시나리오 집필을 위해 허름한 산골 민박을 찾은 작가 ‘정민’, 앳된 얼굴에 관능적인 매력을 가진 소녀 ‘유미’를 만나고 그녀에게서 눈을 떼지 못한다. 추운 겨울밤, 창고 안 소녀의 나신을 훔쳐보던 정민은 타오르는 욕망을 애써 누른 채 서울로 돌아온다. 하지만, 자신을 유혹하는 듯한 유미의 눈빛을 잊지 못하고 다시 돌아간 그는 한밤중 방으로 찾아온 그녀와 뜨거운 정사를 나누지만, 도무지 현실인지 꿈인지 알 수 없는 혼란스러운 상황과 누구도 믿을 수 없는 패닉에서 벗어나지 못하는데…

Trap Deadly Temptation 2015

She writes ‘Jung Min’, a writer who finds a shabby mountain lodge for writing a screenplay, and Yumi, a girl with sensual charm on her face. She can not keep an eye on her. On a cold winter night, Jeong Min, who was trying to steal the naked girl of the girl in the warehouse, went back to Seoul with a burning desire. However, he does not forget the look of Yumi’s self-temptation and goes back to his room. He shares his hot affairs with the girl who came to the middle of the night room, but he can not escape from the unbelievable panic and the confusing situation.

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Also Known As: Trap 2014, Trap 2015, 덫: 치명적인 유혹 2015, deot, chi-myeong-jeok-in yoo-hok 2015, Trap: Deadly Temptation 2015
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 107 min
Release in South Korea: 2015/09/17
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Bong Man-dae (봉만대)
Screenplay by Lee Chang-yeol-I (이창열)

Trap Deadly Temptation 2015


Yoo Ha-joon 유하준 As Screenwriter, Jeong-min (시나리오 작가, 정민), Jung Min-gyul 정민결 As Teenage girl (10대 소녀), Na Sang-gyoo 나상규, Lee Sa-gang 이사강 As Film director – Cameo (영화감독), Kang Yong-gyu 강용규 As Doo-cheon (두천), Jo Soo-jung 조수정 As Joo-yeong (주영), Lee Sang-hwa-I (이상화) as Writer Lee (이작가), Hwang Won-sik (황원식) as Writer Hwang (황작가), Kim Jeong-gon (김정곤) as Baek-man (백만), Lee Byeong-gil (이병길) as Uncle Yeong-sik (영식삼촌), Kim Seung-deok (김승덕) as Producer Park (박피디), Park Min-hee (박민희) as Producer (제작자), Jeong Chang-ho (정창호) as Actor (남자배우), Jung Yoo-mi-I (정유미) as Fan 1 (팬1), Kim Do-yeon (김도연) as Fan 2 (팬2),Im Jeong-eun (임정은) as Fan 3 (팬3), Kim Sung-soo (김성수) as
Special appearance, Park Young-hoon (박영훈) as Special appearance, Oh Sang-hoon (오상훈) as Special appearance, Jang Hang-jun (장항준) as Special appearance

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