To Her-Cousin Sister 2017

To Her-Cousin Sister 2017

To Her-Cousin Sister 2017

To Her-Cousin Sister 2017: Firstly, The girl of our dreams is coming. “I have a present for you!”
Secondly, Gwang-ho is bored except for the time he’s taking off his girlfriend’s underwear. On the other hand, he visits his Seoul home at the news that his grandfather is dying. So, Amidst the awkwardness, he remembers something.

Thirdly, Ji-yoon is his cousin who has grown up to be a young lady. However, Gwang-ho is attracted to the fully grown woman and the same is said for Ji-yoon.
“Should we get one more drink?”

They don’t show it but they fall madly for each other.
However, “Go slowly.” They fall for forbidden love and there is a twist. Hence, Will their love come true?

In those days, the girl we wanted came.
Brother, I’ll give you a present!

It is an old-fashioned schoolgirl who has a free day when she takes off her lover’s underwear.
TherI am  reminded of trembling in a meeting with awkward and boring relatives to find a relatives’ house in Seoul that my grandfather is in for a long time.  So, With her pure memories that I forgot, I became an adult and my cousin sister Ji Yun. Although, She covers her eyes and catches the gaze of the photon.
This is the same  with JiYoon …  Then, “Do we have one more drink?”

 Both of us feel love that can not be expressed but can not be controlled.
“Slowly do your brother …”  On the other hand, Love of the taboo that no one accepts, and  trembling love that we met again in ten years, can it be done? Finally,

To Her-Cousin Sister 2017

그 시절, 우리가 원했던 소녀가 찾아옵니다.
오빠, 내가 선물 줄게!

거칠게 애인 속옷을 벗길 때를 빼곤 무료한 나날을 보내는 미대생 광호.
할아버지가 위독하다는 소식에 오랫동안 간 적 없는 서울 친척 집을 찾는데
어색하고 지루한 친척들과의 만남 속에 떨리는 기억이 떠오른다.

잊었다 생각했던 순수한 추억과 함께 어른이 되어 마주한 사촌 여동생 지윤.
훌쩍 커버린 그녀는 광호의 시선을 사로잡고… 어느새 광호는 지윤을 원한다.
이는 지윤도 마찬가지인데…

“우리, 딱 한 잔만 더 할까?”

서로 표현하진 않지만 걷잡을 수 없는 사랑을 느끼게 되는 둘.

“오빠 천천히 해…”

누구도 허락지 않는 금기의 사랑, 그리고 반전
10년 만에 다시 만난 떨리는 사랑, 이뤄질 수 있을까?

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Also Known As: 사촌여동생 2017, sa-chon-yeo-dong-saeng 2017, To Her-Cousin Sister 2017, Cousin Sister 2017
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 90 min
Release in South Korea: 2017/06/13
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Yang Ho-yeol (양호열)

Star: Yoo Ji-won 유지원 As Ji-yoon (지윤), Park Seon-woo-I 박선우 As Gwang-ho (광호), Han Na 한나 As Yoo-ra (유라), Kim Jong-sin 김종신 As Dong-hoon (동훈), G-UNG 지웅 As Ji-seong (지성), Kim Hyung-min 김형민 As Jin-seop (진섭), Kwon Bum-taek (권범택) as Gwang-ho’s father (광호 부)

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