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Three Sexy Meals 2016

Three Sexy Meals 2016

Three Sexy Meals 2016

Three Sexy Meals 2016: Firstly, A non-stop 12-adult show is going on! Yong-hwa (Sang-woo), Marshall (Lee Eun-mi-I), Ddeok-bae (Do Mo-se) and Bang-wool (Park Joo-bin) steal from Chairman Kang and hide out in a pension in the country. They depend on each other and enjoy every day until Ddeok-bae accidentally loses their bag of money and Bang-wool falls ill. So, Chairman Kang is closing in on them and the four of them use their specific ‘techniques’ to start a 12 hour adult program.
Therefore, Will they succeed?

“지금껏 볼 수 없었던 12시간 논스톱 성인방송이 시작된다!”

선수촌을 주름잡는 큰 손 강회장의 눈을 피해 한 몫 단단히 챙겨 도망을 친 용화(상우), 마샬(이은미), 떡배(도모세), 방울이(박주빈) 네 사람은 시골 팬션에서 한 숨을 돌리기로 한다. 서로에게 끈끈한 정을 느끼며 하루하루 찰나의 여유를 즐기는 네 사람…
하지만, 안도의 순간도 잠시…!
떡배의 실수로 전재산인 돈가방을 날려먹고 엎친 데 덮친 격으로 일행인 방울이가 앓아 눕게 된다. 강회장의 추격은 점점 다가오고 궁지에 몰린 네 사람은 특기(?)를 살려 또 다시 12시간 리얼 성인방송에 도전하는데…!!!

과연, 불가능한 그들의 성인방송 도전기는 성공할 것인가?!!

“Three Sexy Meals” is an inexpensive adult comedy that tries to be funny, cast and soundtrack are good, the narrative leaves to be desired because it suffers from inconstancy. The story is horrible very poorly presented, a script totally disposable, maybe a Little more emotion and action would make a movie smoother and not so forced.

Secondly, Yonghwa, Marshall, Tae-se, and Jang-bum, ran away from the eyes of big Son Kang President and rubbed athlete’s village.
Hence, Feeling sticky to each other …

선수촌을 주름잡는 큰 손 강회장의 눈을 피해 한 몫 단단히 챙겨 도망을 친 용화(상우), 마샬(이은미), 떡배(도모세), 방울이(박주빈) 네 사람은 시골 팬션에서 한 숨을 돌리기로 한다.
서로에게 끈끈한 정을 느끼며…

Three Sexy Meals 2016

Thirdly, This movies which depicts real-time adult broadcasts of four boys and girls who started life to escape the life of a player who liquidated player life and tightly packed tightly becomes a hot topic by revealing the main trailer which anticipates an unbelievable real temple. On the other hand, it is a wonder that the four male and female protagonists who started life as a flotilla with the money bag of the river president.  They who had been married with a colorful player life loses money bag by mistake.

The story has a realistic scene of adult broadcasting as it is, so netizens are attracting attention. However, it is about to be released on November 8. More news from. Finally,..

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Also Known As: 맛 2016: 삼시색끼 2016, mat 2016: sam-si-saek-kki 2016, Taste 2016: Samshikgi, Three Some Meals 2016
Directed by Choi Woo-seong (최우성)
Runtime: 80 min
Release in South Korea: 2016/11/09
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Lee Eun-mi-I 이은미 As Marshall (마샬)
Park Joo-bin 박주빈 As Bang-wool (방울이)
Do Mo-se 도모세 As Ddeok-bae (떡배)
Sang Woo 상우 As Yong-hwa (용화)

Thus, Three Sexy Meals 2016 is the best movies we should watch at free time together with friends or lover