The Terrorist 1995 full movies

    The Terrorist 1995 full movies

    The Terrorist 1995 full movies

    The Terrorist 1995 full movies: Firstly, Two orphan brothers grow up dreaming to become police officers. However, the twisted fate separates the two and leads them on two opposite sides of the law.

    Secondly, Two brothers, Sa-hyun and Soo-hyun, have a close relationship. So, Soo-hyun is a policeman who fights for justice and Soo-hyun dreams of following in his brother’s footsteps. Despite Soo-hyun’s intentions, he became a gangster by accident. On the other hand, The tragic film deals with social issues such as family relationships and organized crime. Finally,…

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    Movie: Terrorist 1995
    Revised romanization: Tereoriseuteu 1995
    Hangul: 테러리스트
    Director: Kim Young-Bin
    Assistant Director: Min Byung-Jin
    Writer: Lee Hyeon-Se
    Produced by Lim Choong-ryul
    Music by Choi Kyung-sik
    Cinematography Sin Ok-hyun
    Edited by Park Soon-duk
    Distributed by Seon Ik Films
    Release Date: May 13, 1995
    Runtime: 108 min
    Language: Korean
    Country: South Korea

    Choi Min-Soo
    Lee Kyoung-Young
    Yum Jung-Ah
    Heo Jun-Ho
    Jung Jin-Young
    Yu Oh-Seong
    Myung Gye-Nam
    Lee Ki-Young
    Yoon Moon-Sik
    Dok Ko Yeong Jae
    Kim Seong-Su
    Lee Seung-Hoon
    Seo Hee-Seung – Police Chief

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    Genre: Korean 18+


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