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The Taste of an Affair 2017

The Taste of an Affair 2017

The Taste of an Affair 2017

The Taste of an Affair 2017: Firstly, This is the story of a sex therapist who helps people overcome sexual issues and misconduct. One day a patient arrives who presents an unusual set of behaviors and an equally unusual situation arises.

I like how the movies shows different type of reasons people would visit a sex therapist, however; I was expecting more extreme cases versus the few basic/common reasons why the following men visited her. There are plenty of interesting “Mature” action scenes.

As far as music, there were maybe two audio tracks that sounded like it was ripped from vintage adult movies.

Is it interesting movie? Yes, there were times during the movie where I had was so engaged to what was going to happen next, which was intriguing.

Even though I couldn’t find a version with subtitles at all, I was still able to comprehend most of the story based on spoken korean and the context of the story. How accurate my understanding of everything is still unknown, unless I have a another person to watch and then compare what we think.
I have this movie on my re-watch list once my Korean improves a lot more.

The Taste of an Affair 2017

“The Taste of an Affair” although mentioning the unusual there is absolutely nothing, on the contrary is very common, the story as a base is very pleasant, the comical part of the consultations is the “cake cherry”, with regard to soundtrack, much to be desired, practically lacks along, which in my opinion is a fundamental part to make the film more pleasantly engaging, the robotic cast is disappointing, the lack of inexpressiveness is visible, a pity, otherwise nothing pays.

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Also Known As: 정사의 맛 감독판 2017, jam-sa-eui mat gam-dok-pan 2017
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 72 min
Release in South Korea: 2017/11/14
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Lee Jun (이전)
Screenplay by
Soo Yeong (수영), Han Se-hee (한세희), Kim In-gyoo-III (김인규), Si Woo (시우), Sin Yeon-woo-I (신연우)

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