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The Story Of Ong-Nyeo 2014 full movies

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The Story Of Ong-Nyeo 2014 full movies

The Story Of Ong-Nyeo 2014 full movies

The Story Of Ong-Nyeo 2014 full movies: Firstly, This Summer of 2014, Ong-nyeo outdoes Byeon Gang-soi. Therefore, The story of the sexiest man and woman in Joseon starts now.

Secondly, Ong-nyeo is the sexiest woman in Joseon and no man is a match for her. Hence, Ong-nyeo (Han Chae-yoo) attracts every man with her beauty and in-bed skills. Then one day, she becomes sexually disabled and is driven out of her hometown. She goes to live alone in the mountains until Byeon Gang-soi (Kang Kyeong-woo) hears about her and thinks she’s the perfect match for him, so he begins looking for her…

Ong-nye had a world of men wrapped around her finger, until, one day, a horrific injury leaves her handicapped, and she retreats to the mountains. But one man may break her loneliness. So,

Thirdly, I can not afford any man in this world. On the other hand, Her brilliant beauty and brilliant talent in the night, all the men who came to the village became sex slaves, and she is kicked out of her hometown. However, Inevitably alone … Finally,

이 세상 그 어떤 남자도 감당할 수 없는 조선 팔도 최고의 음녀, 옹녀(한채유). 그녀의 눈부신 미모와 화려한 밤 실력에 홀려 찾아온 마을 남자들이 모두 성 불구자가 되어버린 탓에 옹녀는 고향에서 쫓겨난다. 어쩔 수 없이 혼자…

The Story Of Ong-Nyeo 2014 full movies

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Movie: The Story of Ong-nyeo 2014, ong-nyeo-dyeon 2014
Hangul: 옹녀뎐 2014
Director: Kyeong Seok-ho (경석호)

Genres: Drama

Writer: Seok-ho Kyeong

Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date in South Korea: 21 July 2014
Production Co: Asian Crush

Runtime: 94 min
Color: Color


Chae-yoo Han as Ong-nyeo

Kyeong-woo Kang as Byeon Kang-soi

Yoo-Joo Shin as Eul-ryeong

Tae-hoon Kim as Dol-soi

Son Gil as Sexual Abstinence

Gil-Sang Baek as Moo-myeong

Seon-joo Park as Boon-i

Geon-sik Bae as Husband Kim

Eun-Sook Jeong as Husband Kim’s Wife

Doo-Yeong Choi as His Excellency Choi

Da-eun Yoo as His Excellency Choi’s Mistress

Seung-Hyeon Lee as Senator
Ah-ran Im asStepdaughter
Man-Seok Kim as Unmarried Young Man Facing Eul-ryeong
Chae-rin as Bright Moon

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