The Scarlet Letter 2004 full movies

The Scarlet Letter 2004 full movies

The Scarlet Letter 2004 full movies

The Scarlet Letter 2004 full movies: Firstly, Married detective Ki-Hoon (Han Suk-Kyu) investigates a murder and also reignites an extra marital affair with his lover (Lee Eun-Ju).

Secondly, A detective, his 3 girls & a murder case. On the other hand, Complex emotional relationships and human nature’s darker sides are explored in this captivating suspense drama about a cop whose lust for love threatens to get in the way of his professional life.

Thirdly, Policeman Ki-Hoon’s life is duplicitous, oscillating between the amenable, newly pregnant wife and a very appealing mistress- the singer Ga-yee. Unlikely, His world gets shaken up when he gets news during a murder investigation that Ga-yee is pregnant and her obsession with him rules out abortion as an option. However, In a very twisted chance of fate, Ki-hoon and Ga-yee end up locked in the trunk of his car on the side of the road as raw despair brings to light the shocking truth about his wife and his mistress. Finally,..

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Movie: The Scarlet Letter
Revised romanization: Juhong Geulshi
Hangul: 주홍글씨
Director: Byeon Hyeok
Assistant Director: Bae Kwang-Soo
Writer: Kim Young-Ha (novel), Kang Hyun-Joo, Byeon Hyeok,
Producer: Kim Min-Gyu, Lee Seunug-Jae
Cinematographer: Choi Hyun-Ki
Assistant Director: Won Jin
Release Date South Korea: October 29, 2004
Runtime: 115 min.
Genre: Romance films / Suspense-Thriller
Distributor: Showbox
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

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Han Suk-Kyu as Lee Ki-Hoon
Lee Eun-Ju as Choi Ga-Hee
Sung Hyun-Ah as Ji Kyung-Hee
Uhm Ji-Won as Han Su-Hyun

Additional Cast Members:

Kim Jin-Geun as Jung Myung-Sik
Kim Min-Seong as Detective Jo
Jung In-Gi as Detective Ahn
Choi Kyu-Hwan as Detective Choi
Kim Hye-Jin as Oh Yeon-Sim
Do Yong-Gu as President Han
Sul Ji-Yoon as Madam

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