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The Night Before Enlisting 2016

The Night Before Enlisting 2016

The Night Before Enlisting 2016

The Night Before Enlisting 2016: Firstly, Three nights before enlisting, Seung-wook decides to leave his mark since he can’t avoid the military so he flirts with everyone. On the other hand, his school senior So-yoon nor his blind date Il-hong will fall for him. However, The night before he leaves for the army, Seung-wook decides he’s going to see some action with the two girls. So, The project of ‘leaving a mark’ starts now. Finally,….

Movie: The Night Before Enlisting 2016, ib-yeong-jeon-ya, 입영전야
Directed by Yoo Seung-taek (유승택)
Release Date in South Korea: 2016/04/05
Runtime: 90 min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Kim Seung-wook-I 김승욱
Kim Sang-cheol-I 김상철
Lim Hyeong-soon 임형순
Lee Seon-yeong-III 이선영
Heo Yoon-joo 허윤주
Moon Yoo-seong (문유성) as Yang-woo (양우)
Kim Hye-jin-II (김혜진) as Yang-woo’s girlfriend (양우여친)
Kim Min-joon (김민준) as Building man (건물남)
Lee Yoon-hee (이윤희) as Building woman (건물여)
Yang Geun-seok (양근석) as KATUSA (카투사)
Baek Se-ri (백세리) as Black horse (흑마)
Park Yeon-joon (박연준) as Jo Hee-pal (조희팔)
Lee Jae-seok (이재석) as Military official (군관계자)
Kim Taek-min (김택민) as Yeong-pil (영필)
Jeong Ja-yeong (정자영) as Father (신부)
Jeong Ji-won (정지원) as Seung-wook’s mother (승욱모)
Na Do-ya (나도야) as Army surgeon – Cameo (군의관)

Thus, ​The Night Before Enlisting 2016​ is the best movies we should watch at free time with friends and family.

Genre: Korean 18+


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