The inside story 2017 full movies

The inside story 2017 full movies

The inside story 2017 full movies

The inside story 2017 full movies: Firstly, One day, a woman (Lee Soo-yeon) goes to a police station and claims she’s confessing to a murder. The more surprising this is, she claims to be his wife. The police goes to the scene of the crime and sees a man (Choi Joo-hyeok) stabbed to death. Her husband is a well-known entrepreneur but he is found miserably dead.

Hence, Soo-yeon’s story is shocking.
Her husband was the Devil himself. He treated his wife as a sexual plaything and even dared to covet her sister (Lee Ji-yeon).

The police can’t help but be surprised at the shocking things Soo-yeon tells them and the investigation seems to be coming to an end. On the other hand, Gi-cheol feels uncomfortable every time a piece of truth is revealed; the whereabouts of Soo-yeon’s sister and the directors of the husband’s company all seem strange.
Despite the fact that the chief keeps telling him to wrap up the case, Gi-cheol continues to investigate. Then, news of Ji-yeon’s suicide comes up and a recorded file of her will found.
The case becomes more and more complicated while Gi-cheol and Soo-yeon also become complicated.

The inside story 2017 full movies

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Also Known As: 속사정 2017, sok-sa-jeong 2017
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 88 min
Release in South Korea: 2017/05/18
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Jo Il-joon (조일준)
Screenplay by Jo Il-joon (조일준)


Ji Eun-seo 지은서 As Lee Soo-yeon (이수연), Kim Gwang-seok 김광석 As Kang Gi-cheol (강기철), Lee Jang-mi 이장미 As Lee Ji-yeon (이지연), Woo Jin-yeong 우진영 As Choi Joo-hyeok (최주혁), Yoon Sang-hee 윤상희 As Director Kim (김상무), Kim Ho-kyung 김호경 As Youngest detective (막내형사), Lee Chang-won (이창원) as Chief (반장), Seo Sam-seok (서삼석) as Supermarket man (마트남), Kim Seon-goo (김선구) as Park Sang-moo (박상무)

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