The Files 2015 full movies free online

The Files 2015 full movies free online

The Files 2015 full movies free online

The Files 2015 full movies free online: Firstly, The news anchor ‘Soo-gyeong’ unexpectedly meets up with her childhood friend ‘Mi-soo’. Back when they were teenagers, they went to the baseball park and disappeared without a trace leaving only Soo-gyeong’s painful memories of Mi-soo. And now, meeting Mi-soo again the once lively young girl has become someone completely different.
Secondly, Passing time together with her boyfriend ‘Dong-min’ Mi-soo’s strange attitude starts to worry Soo-gyeong so that she pushes herself away and worries about how close Mi-soo and Dong-min have become…

Thirdly, Soo-Kyung (Kang Byul) is a local news reporter. However, Her best friend Mi-Soo (Ha Yeon-Joo) has been missing for a long time. Then, Soo-Kyung hears from her friend Min-Gook that he saw Mi-Soo. Soo-Kyung tries to find Mi-Soo.

Finally, Soo-Kyung finds Mi-Soo and sees her for the first time in 11 years, but Mi-Soo has become a totally different person. Mi-Soo has a boyfriend, Dong-Min (Lee Jong-Hyuk). So, Her boyfriend is a genetic engineering researcher.

Filming took place from April 2-May 2, 2014.

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Movie: The File
Revised romanization: Pail: 3022ilui Sayook
Hangul: 파일 : 4022일의 사육
Director: Park Yong-Jib
Writer: Park Ki-Hyung, Bae Young-Ran, Park Yong-Jib
Producer: Hong Yong-Soo, Jung Won-Ik
Cinematographer: Kim Hak-Soo
Release Date: December 10, 2015
Runtime: 92 min.
Genre: Mystery / Suspense-Thriller
Distributor: Golden Tide Pictures
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

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Lee Jong-Hyuk as Dong-Min
Kang Byul as Soo-Kyung
Ha Yeon-Joo as Mi-Soo
Kim Hyeong-Beom as Min-Guk

Additional Cast Members:

Hong Yeo-Jin – Min-Guk’s mother
Choi Woo-Ri – Jang Mi-Ran
Choi Hye-Jung – researcher 1
Jo Sun-Mook – laboratory director
Yoo Soon-Woong – Mr. Park
Park Hyo-Joon – Han Young-Min
Lee Chang-Jik – homeroom teacher

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