Tears of the amazon 2010 full movies

Tears of the amazon 2010 full movies

Tears of the amazon 2010 full movies

Tears of the amazon 2010 full movies: Firstly, Based on a MBC documentary, “Tears of the Amazon” tells the story of Amazon natives and how the destruction of their natural environment changed their lives.

Based on the MBC documentary, the movie tells the story of natives in the Amazon, and how the destruction of the natural environment changed their lives. All ages admitted.

Synopsis (for the TV edit)
Planning: Jung Sung-hoo Directors: Kim Hyeon-cheol, Kim Jin-man-I Writer: Ko Hye-rim

A documentary about the environment and shot in high definition
“Tears of the Amazon” is a big budget MBC documentary that captures vivid images of the Amazon River in Brazil over the course of 300 days. The aerial camera mount, Cineflex will be used to shoot gorgeous high definition images of the vast Amazon River for the viewing pleasure of TV viewers. The documentary will present provoking questions about environmental issues that have a global impact.

Episode 1 Inheritors of the Amazon
However, Half of the 2 million plant and animal species in the world live in the Amazon, which is a treasure trove of wildlife diversity. There are indios who live deep in the jungles of the Amazon and do without the trappings of modern civilization while adhering to their traditional way of life. With strict paternal families, the indios of the Amazon are polygamous. But Western civilization is slowly encroaching into their lands. Bicycles, satellite dishes… What kind of changes are taking place in the Amazon jungles? The Zoe tribe retain the earliest human way of life and we bring you footage of the Waura tribe!

Episode 2 Amazon on Fire

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The lands in the Amazon supply 20% of all the oxygen on earth. When the dry season begins in the Amazon, human-caused blazes will erupt in the jungle. Due to global warming, desertification is already occurring in the Amazon. The fires set by humans is destroying the Amazon jungles at a rapid pace.

Mark Lynas who wrote “Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet” warns that the massive wildfires that occurred in Australia and California will soon happen in the Amazon. He claims that if a huge wildfire burns through the Amazon, then the place will eventually turn into a desert. The destruction of the Amazon jungle will not only impact the local environment but it will also cause extensive climate change around the world. Are the modern trappings adopted by the Amazon tribes an ominous sign of what is to come or are they helpful tools? Finally,

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Movie: Tears of the Amazon
Revised romanization: Amajonui Nunmool
Hangul: 아마존의 눈물
Director: Kim Jin-Man, Kim Hyeon-Cheol
Writer: Ko Hye-Rim
Producer: Yun Mi-Hyeon, Heo Tae-Jeong
Cinematographer: Song In-Hyeok, Choi Jae-Pil, Kim Man-Tae, Ha Rim
Release Date: March 25, 2010
Runtime: 85 min.
Distributor: Mountain Pictures
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Kim Nam-Gil – narrator

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