Tasty Sex Secret Cohabitation 2017

Tasty Sex Secret Cohabitation 2017

Tasty Sex Secret Cohabitation 2017

Tasty Sex Secret Cohabitation 2017: Firstly, A housing contract gone awry leads two people, a writer and a stranger. to live together. Thus begins their uncomfortable cohabitation.

Secondly, “Tasty Sex Secret Cohabitation” is kind of bizarre if it is to analyze the story, it is confusing, funny and coarse at the same time, lifeless dead narrative like a scattered cast, the cute soundtrack was a slap hole for a story that in my view does sense. So, Cinematography is basic, a house and nothing more.

Thirdly, One day a strange man comes into the freelance writer’s house. Surprised is to try to drive her out of the house, but she says she is her house and she shows her contract of sale. I hurry to check with the real estate agent, but I realize that it is a fraudulent contract and I am devastated. The victory without a place to go determined by the decision to go to the opponent after the trouble and sit down.
This is the beginning of the uncomfortable coexistence of brother and sister …

프리랜서 작가 송주의 집에 어느 날 낯선 남자가 들어온다. 놀란 그녀를 남자를 내쫓으려 하지만 자신의 집이라며 매매계약서를 보여주며 당당할 뿐이다. 급히 부동산에 확인해보지만 계약사기라는 것을 알게 되고 망연자실한다. 갈 곳 없는 승주는 고민 끝에 맞불작전으로 나가기로 결심하고 눌러 앉는다.
이렇게 형철과 송주의 불편한 동거가 시작되는데…

Also Known As: 맛있는 섹스 은밀한 동거 2017, mat-iss-neun sek-seu eun-mil-han dong-geo 2017
Directed by Lee Jun (이전)
Runtime: 77 min
Release in South Korea: 2017/08/08
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Jeong Soo-yeong-I 정수영
Si Woo 시우
Lee Soo 이수

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