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Sweet whip 2017 full movies

Sweet whip 2017 full movies

Sweet whip 2017 full movies

Sweet whip 2017 full movies: Firstly, In the early twenties, a woman, Soo-yeon lives by work, unexpectedly wins an invitation to vacation in an inn inside a town.
On the other hand, the owner is a handsome middle-aged man, apparently nice, everything went well, until she discovers that everything is only a facade for this man to attract women and make them a slave to satisfy their dark desires.

“Sweet Whip” is an adult thriller and drama, based on aspects of fetishism, the story though simple is told through a very good narrative thanks to cinematography and the movement of the cameras makes it a more dramatic film in tension than properly the acronym of sexual, it is not known for certain which ideology the director wanted to show which makes him confused, restrictive and somewhat bad. In short “Sweet Whip” has a miserable but good story for a senseless movie like this.

Sexual love movie depicting women living in bondage slavery while being imprisoned by owner’s man
펜션 주인 남자에게 감금당한 채 변태 성노예로 살아가는 여자들을 그린 성애 영화

Also Known As: 달콤한 채찍 2017
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance, Suspense, Horror
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 73 min
Release in South Korea: October 15, 2017
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Kwek Kwuk
Screenplay by
Cast: Soo-yeon,

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