Sweet Senior 2017 full movies

Sweet Senior 2017 full movies

Sweet Senior 2017 full movies

Sweet Senior 2017 full movies: Firstly, New college freshmen and delayed college students. A ripe circle, Yeon – seong Bae – ran. Delay blindly likes the surname, but in the eyes of the surname, it is only visible to him.

Secondly, One day, in the live cafe that I usually go to, the Sungho makes an improper behavior with Zhou, and the delay informs Zhou who is a marriage partner of Zhouran.

Thirdly, The unbelievable Jingu is witnessing the scene in which the two of them are making an affair, hitting the holy lake and throwing away Jurang. However, Zoran is constantly approaching the woman who is seeking a man, Seongho again, but he rushes to see the character of the delay and assesses forgiveness. When the surname, which has made an orthodoxy in the sense of delay and reconciliation, reaches its climax, it sees the illusion that the delay overlaps with the main and finally it is abandoned by the delay.

The father, who hurried to Seongho, who lived with his father for a long time, introduces his stepmother. On the other hand, She was right. On the first day, Sung-ho, who heard the voice of his father and Zoran, sees the scene the next day.

After my father’s commute to work, I finally get to work on my affairs. One day my father secretly walks out of the room and witnesses his father’s appearance in the room.

His father, who discharged from the hospital, throws away the juror. Seong-ho, who sincerely asked his father for forgiveness, was the wife of the president who met with his father’s friend at the request of his father’s friend while he was working in real estate consulting. So, The two continue to make a lasting connection.

Sweet Senior 2017 full movies

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풋풋한 대학 신입생 성호와 지연. 무르익은 동아리 여선배 주란. 지연은 맹목적으로 성호를 좋아하는데 성호의 눈에는 주란 선배밖에 보이지 않는다.

어느 날 평소 자주 가던 라이브 카페에서 성호는 주란과 부적절한 행동을 하게 되는데 지연은 이 사실을 주란의 결혼 상대인 복학생 진구에게 알린다.

도대체 믿어지지 않던 진구는 둘이 정사를 벌이는 장면을 목격하고 성호를 때리고 주란을 버린다. 그러나 주란은 끊임없이 남자를 탐하는 여자라 성호에게 다시 접근하지만 지연의 문자를 보고 달려가 용서해달라고 사정한다. 지연과 화해의 의미로 정사를 벌이던 성호는 절정에 이르자 지연이 주란과 겹쳐 보이는 환상을 보게 되고 결국 지연에게 버림 받는다.

세월이 흘러 백수로 아버지에게 얹혀살던 성호에게 일찍 상처한 아버지는 새엄마를 소개한다. 그녀는 바로 주란이었다. 첫날 아버지와 주란의 정사 소리를 듣게 된 성호, 다음날은 그 장면을 엿본다.

아버지가 출근하고 난후 둘은 드디어 틈만 나면 정사를 벌이게 되는데, 어느날 아버지 몰래 방에서 빠져나와 성호방에서 정사를 벌이던 모습을 아버지가 목격하고 쓰러진다.

A film about a step-mother and her new son who are both blinded by lust.

Also Known As: 달콤한여선배 2017, dal-kom-yeo-seon-bae 2017
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Runtime: 68 min
Release in South Korea: 2017/08/28
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by Yang Suk-woo (양석우)

Yoo Jin-I (유진)
Sin Yeon-woo-I (신연우)

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