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Swapping My Friend’s Wife 2016

Swapping My Friends Wife 2016

Swapping My Friends Wife 2016

Swapping My Friends Wife 2016: Firstly, Seong-sik became stays at home while his workaholic wife Hye-joo works. Next to them, Seong-ki’s friend Joon-seok and his wife move in.  So, Seong-sik learns how to do housework from his friend’s wife Eun-yeong. At first they hit it off but that soon turns into an affair and when Joon-seok and Hye-joo find out, they also start cheating on their spouses…

It is a movie about the story that is going on as it develops into an affair relationship with the wife of a friend who moved to the next door.
옆집으로 이사 온 친구의 아내와 불륜 관계로 발전되면서 벌어지는 이야기를 그린 성애 영화

Secondly, I decided to become a housewife for HuiJu, my desireful wife. Jaejoong and his friends move to the next door of the ceremony, struggling to live alone. On the other hand, The ceremony where Jaejoong’s wife learned to live with him. At first, the formality and Eunyoung seemed to be good friends, and soon they would covet each other with their wives and husbands, and Jiekseok and Huiju, who realized this, woke up to the desire that they had endured.

일 욕심이 많은 아내 혜주를 위해 가정주부가 되기로 결심한 성식. 홀로 살림을 하느라 고군분투하는 성식의 바로 옆집에 친구 준석 부부가 이사 온다. 준석의 아내 은영에게 살림을 배우게 된 성식. 처음에는 말 잘 통하는 친구 같았던 성식과 은영은 곧 틈만 나면 자신의 아내와 남편 몰래 서로를 탐하게 되고, 이를 알아차린 준석과 혜주 또한 그동안 참아왔던 욕망에 눈을 뜨는데…

Swapping My Friends Wife 2016

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Also Known As: 스와핑 : 친구의 아내 2016, seu-wa-ping : chin-goo-eui a-nae 2016, Swapping: A Friend’s Wife 2016

Directed by Hong Seong-soo (홍성수)
Producer: Hon Seok Hwan
Screenplay by:
Runtime: 80 min
Release in South Korea: 2016/11/15
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Cast: Han Na 한나 As Eun-yeong (은영), Lee Chae-dam 이채담 As Hye-joo (혜주), Kim Cheol-soo-II 김철수 As Seong-sik (성식), Min Woo 민우 As Joon-yeong (준영)

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