Swapping My Friend’s Wife 2 2018 full free

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Swapping My Friend's Wife 2 2018 full movie

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Swapping My Friend’s Wife 2 2018 full movie free

Swapping My Friend’s Wife 2 2018 full movie free: Firstly, A man’s business fails and he’s chased by loan sharks. He moves in with his best friend. His best friend’s wife can’t conceive, so the man sleeps with his wife to help her conceive.

Awakening to the offer, desire to be rejected! 
Min-ho and Jung-sik are friends. However, when Jung-sik is plagued by debtors because of a business failure, Min-ho lends his house and encourages him to move nearby. One day, while they are drinking, Min-ho’s wife So-yeon confesses that she cannot have children because of infertility. And he gives his wife, Juhee, a radical offer to pay her debts if she gives birth to her husband’s child. On the day of accepting the offer, Minho was watching her friend and his wife having sex.

거부할 수 없는 제안, 욕망에 눈을 뜨다!
민호와 정식은 둘도 없는 친구 사이다. 그런데 정식이 사업 실패로 빚쟁이들한테 시달려 괴로워하자 민호는 자신의 집까지 빌려주면서 근처로 이사 오길 권한다. 어느 날, 두 부부는 술자리를 하던 중, 민호의 아내 소연이 불임으로 아이를 가질 수 없다는 고민을 털어놓는다. 그리고 정식의 아내 주희에게 자신을 대신해 남편의 아이를 낳아 주면 빚을 전부 갚아주겠다는 파격적인 제안을 한다. 제안을 승락한 날, 친구 정식과 아내가 섹스하는 걸 지켜 본 민호는 너무 괴로워하고, 그런 민호를 위해 소연도 옷을 벗는데…

Swapping My Friend’s Wife 2 2018 full movie free online

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