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Summer Time 2001 full movies

Summer Time 2001 full movies

Summer Time 2001 full movies

Summer Time 2001 full movies: Firstly, In the gloomy 80s, Sang-ho is wanted by the authorities for his participation in the student movement. Parting with his colleagues, Sang-ho happens to end up in a town on the outskirts, a town he has no connection to. The place where he is in hiding is the second floor of a worn down wooden house. Spending his time idly in the room, one day, Sang-ho discovers a hole looking into the room downstairs by chance. Casually looking through the hole, Sang-ho exhales.

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  • Other title: Sseommeotaim 2001, 썸머타임 2001
  • Director: Park Jae-Ho
  • Writer: Yoo Kab-Yeol
  • Release Date in South Korea: May 26, 2001
  • Run time: 103 min.
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


  • Kim Ji-Hyeon – Hie-ran
  • Choi Cheol-Ho – Tae-yeol
  • Ryu Soo-Young – Sang-ho
  • Song Ok-Suk – Ki-wok
  • Jeong-yun Bae – Young-mi
  • Choi Seong-Min
  • Yun Yeong-Keol
  • Jang Sung-Won
  • Kim Sun-Hwa
  • Lee Seung-Hoon
  • Ahn Byung-Kyung
  • Park Hoon-Jung – kid in playground

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Genre: Korean 18+


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