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Summer of Director Oh 2016​ full movies

Summer of Director Oh 2016​ full movies

Summer of Director Oh 2016​ full movies

Summer of Director Oh 2016​ full movies: Firstly, Director Oh Soo-jin had a taste of failure with her first movie. HowShe thinks about a fancy come back but no one wants her now. Then one day, opportunity finds her but it’s an erotic film…
She is “Sky Girl” Oh Soo-jin.

Secondly, Seven years ago, Oh Soo-jin made a movie called “Sky Girl” which resulted in only 20,000 views. However, she ground her teeth to recover from her failure by making a second movie. One day she gets a call from Park, a gangster and movie director who asks her to make a porn movie with him. On the other hand, the actress of the movie is an AV girl from Japan. Oh Soo-jin denies the offer and returns home but all that’s waiting for her are unpaid rent and bills. Oh Soo-jin calls Park after watching the AV girl’s porn and suggests she turns the whole set into a women-only production. She has a week to film the movie with 100 million won. Can she do it? Finally,…

Also Known As: 수상한 언니들 (soo-sang-han eon-ni-deul), Susanghan Eonnideul , Award-winning sisters
Genre: Drama, 18+, Comedy, Erotic
Country: South Korea
Lanuage: Korean
Runtime: 98 min
Release in South Korea: 2016/03/03
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Directed by No Zin-soo (노진수)
Ko Won 고원
Lee Chae-dam 이채담
Eom Ji-hye 엄지혜
Park Jung-yoon 박정윤 As Kim Yeon-joo (김연주)
Rahi 라희
Hwang Ji-hoo 황지후
Park In-soo (박인수) as Representative Park – Cameo (박 대표 – 우정출연)
Kim Cheong-soon (김청순) as Waiter – Cameo (웨이터 – 우정출연)

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Genre: Korean 18+


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