Strange Hair Salon 2015 full movies

Strange Hair Salon 2015 full movies

Strange Hair Salon 2015 full movies

Strange Hair Salon 2015 full movies: Firstly,​ Mi Na opens her new beauty salon. However, Mi Na doesn’t reseive customers even though she has opend her salon for a while. Therefore, she tries to attract customers by implementing a sexy concept, which proves to be a jackpot.

A ledger pink and employees Mina opened a beauty salon. Even after a long time after opening the salon without gaining the guests, there is a flurry million Paris salon. So Mina attract guests with a sexy concept salon is reminded this is the jackpot. Meanwhile, Mina and ask the salon to promote table tennis lover Oh, the colleagues of the five table tennis are also to patronize the salon. Company Director, byeonsangtae Then the midst of ping-pong and find the salons of pink, showed an interest in Pink Ping Pong to pink, along with Mina. Finally,….

Native title: 수상한 미용실
Also Known as: Susanghan Miyongsil , Susanghan Miyongshil ,
Genres: Romance, Drama, Mature
Movie: Strange Hair Salon
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Release Date: Oct 22, 2015
Duration: 84 min.
Rating: 18+/R – Restricted Screening (nudity & violence)
Directed by Han Dong-Ho
Jin Seo-Yeon
Seung Yeon Seok
Jeong Won-II
Lee Sin-ho

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