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Spicy Pretty Nurse 2016 full movies

Spicy Pretty Nurse 2016 full movies

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Spicy Pretty Nurse 2016 full movies

Spicy Pretty Nurse 2016 full movies: Firstly, Men’s Hospital in a city crowded every day, regardless of the disease are not sick have to hospitalize. The reason is that this hospital has the best three nurses – have a body color values, bent on finding love Ye Wan Wan (Yang); a royal sister style, do not believe in love, believe only money SECRETARY Alameda (Shen Lu); a chest no brain did not always men cheat but sincere regrets to stay Meng sister white sweet (Di Wu).

Three nurses compelling countless hard to find true love. Ye curved finally saw not look at her chest man, did not think this man can not touch; SECRETARY Alameda everything only for the purpose of money, but inadvertently was a poor white guy completely overthrow the faith substances; white sweet being still strive to maintain the use of this “pretend” final harvest “the truth.”  The curved leaf also used the power of love to cure her boyfriend’s heart, to find their true happiness. Finally, they get happiness and

Spicy Pretty Nurse 2016 full movies

Fetching Nurse 2016, Spicy Pretty Nurse 2016, Málà qiào hùshì 2016, 麻辣俏护士 2016
Source: 麻辣俏护士 (2016)
Release Date: 01-June-2016 (China)
Genre: Drama, Erotic, Comedy, Nurse, Adult, Mature

Run time: 73 min

Country: China

Language: Mandarin

Directed by: Yang Ke
Cast: Yang Ke, Wu Di, Shen Lu

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