Shim Chung Yasawa 2015

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Shim Chung Yasawa 2015

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Shim Chung Yasawa 2015

Shim Chung Yasawa 2015: Firstly, It reinterpreted the classic novel by parasitic simcheongjeon and Chunhyangjeon. On the other hand, a pub and a delightful fusion historical drama takes place in the background tonggwae. Finally they get what they wish and live with each other have happiness so much forever… So, this is the nice movie for us to take a look..

It’s’ Shimcheong Yasa ‘because I’ve met adult actors who have completed the amazing story by acquiring the masterpieces of actors’ comics, Shim Cheong Jeon, Choon Hyang Jeon, and Bong Kim Sun Dal.

Shim Cheong Jeon is widely used as a material for silver film such as ‘Madam Cheung Deok’ starring Isom and ‘Seong Ah’ starring Kim Se-in with fresh image

This is Shim Cheong, 18 years old.

My former job is Hyo-na, but my job is Cheongpung-ga CEO.

It is quite clear from the idea that Shim Cheong, the symbol of Hyoyeo, became the parasitic CEO. haha

Chun-hyang is older than Shim Cheong.

I am an ex-teen girl, but my current job is Cheongpung-ak.

It’s a case that made good use of Gisaeng, the original occupation? haha

The most novel character is Yo Bong Kim Sundal.

After the sale of the Daedong River, he became a rich man and came to Hanyang to become the president of a parasitic house called Indangsu.

The amazing imagination of the scenario writer is armed with a completely different story from the start.

Cheong Bong’s father, Sim Bong Do and Mong Duck, shouldn’t be missing.

But the atmosphere of the two is pretty nasty.

If Chun-hyang comes out and Byun Hak doesn’t appear, it’s a red bean bread without red beans …

However, it is a little vague that the Lee Mong-ryong does not appear properly, but there is no problem in developing the story.

Shim Chung Yasawa 2015 full movie

One day, a man who casts flowers comes to Sim Cheong, who lives with her father in a village, and offers her a casting offer.

The best friend in front of Simcheong is the fragrance, so it fits in perfectly.

Simcheong, who was cast in Hanyang’s best business, has a fateful encounter there with Ace Choonhyang.

Chun-hyang and money are all waiting for Mongryong.

What is the confrontation between the two?

It is an erotic fusion drama “ Shimcheong Yasa ” that is a new story that combines the basic stories of “ Shimcheongjeon ” and “ Chunhyangjeon ”.

The bakhyeokdong comic acting of gimjiyu gimseondal Station and the station Sim Chung is excellent.

The performances are quite different from that of ordinary adult actors.

If the actors’ support is somewhat supported and the story is well made, the adult content is’ Shimcheong Yasa ‘.

Of course, the level of difficulty, which is the basis of adult content, is also considerable.

Adults can enjoy a full 100 minutes of running time, which is rare. Finally, we know that..

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Original Title: 심청야사 2015, Simcheong Yasa 2015, Shim Chung Yasawa 2015

Other title: Shim Chung Yasawa 2015 full movie, Shim Chung Yasawa 2015 full movie free, Shim Chung Yasawa 2015 full movie free online , Shim Chung Yasawa 2015 full movie free watch download online

Also Known As: Shim Chung Yasawa 2015 cast

Directed by: Kang Myung-jin 강명진
Genre:  18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Drama, Historical
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Length: 93 min
Release Date in South Korea: 2015-12-17
View: 100
ContentRating: G
Publish Date: 2018-09-03

Shim Chung Yasawa 2015 full movie free online


Kim Ji-yu 김지유
Park Hyuk-dong 박혁동
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