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Sex Lie And Video Tape 2012 full movies

Sex Lie And Video Tape 2012 full movies

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Sex Lie And Video Tape 2012 full movies

Sex Lie And Video Tape 2012 full movies: Firstly, Sewoon shopping complex, the first to distribute porno tapes in Cheonghye-cheon! The people’s erotic stories started there.

The year was 1996, Kyeong-tae filmed illegal tapes with porno actor Pan-sub at the Cheonggye-cheol Sewoon Shopping District when they meet Joo-ri who is about to go work in an adult establishment in Macao with a single porno movie. He and Pan-sub get excited that they have the chance to win a big sum of money.
He transfers a tape to Hyeong-soo who is their source of transporting their goods and dealer while he signs a deal while he signs a contract with all the money he had saved up until then without her knowing. Moneylender Soboro finds out and raids the shooting set and takes all of Kyeong-tae’s money, demanding that he pays the rest within three days.
With the deadline for the signing of the contract and the three days come close, Kyeong-tae borrows money from Hyeong-soo and she gives him a Japanese version snuff-movie, offering him a deal.
He accepts it with no doubt but finds out he fooled and decides to become a member of a gang. Then he changes the prop knife on set into a real one…

Sex Lie And Video Tape 2012 full movies

Directed by Bong Man-dae (봉만대)
Screenplay by Bong Man-dae (봉만대)
Genre: •Comedy •Erotic, Adult, Erotic
Run time: 89 min.
Release date in South Korea : 2012/07/12
Previously known as “Sex Toll” (섹거비, Sek-geo-bi)

Go Soo-hee (고수희) as Hyeong-soo (형수)

Lee Moo-saeng (이무생) as Kyeong-tae (경태)

Tina (티나) as Joo-ri (주리)

Sim Jae-gyoon (심재균) as Pan-seop (판섭)

Kim Jung-pal (김정팔) as So Bo-ro (소보로)

Lee Moo-yeong (이무영) as Udon house owner (우동집주인)

Bae Han-sung (배한성) as Gentleman No (노신사)

Lee Sang-hwa-I (이상화) as Director (감독)

Ha Yeong-eun (하영은) as Lee Sook (이숙)

Hwang Young-hee(황영희) as Landlady (여주인)

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Genre: Korean 18+


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