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Seduction of eve her technique 2007

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Seduction of eve her technique 2007

Seduction of eve her technique 2007

Seduction of eve her technique 2007: Firstly, Surgeon wisdom merit is deep chief’s trust. Has the wisdom merit of female personal connection sometimes to dream of a pelvis place to puncture the butterfly tattoo charming female very much, why he cannot explain can so. Days, in some academic conference, the wisdom merit have accidentally run into beautiful female Xi Ying. Although hints on own initiative, Xi Ying’s nature to the Chilean merit tempts does not pay attention. The smiling face in the corners of the mouth, wisdom merit can only look the sexy enchanting back that stiffly woman more walks is farther.

A few days later, the wisdom merit received a mystical call, the opposite party is not others long-awaited Xi Ying.

When surprised, the wisdom merit also feels extremely joyfully.

He goes to Xi Yingjia, they meet by chance once more, at once launches on a crazy bed the one-night stand. Next day, wisdom merit receives the news, wears hurriedly goes into father-in-law’s morgue hurriedly, but wife friendly bright lets somebody cool off or calm down carries to him. The father-in-law left the large amount inheritance to give friendly bright. The Chilean merit to restore to reverse and wife’s Guan Xi, he entrusted Xi Ying for the wife choice birthday present. Xi Ying incomparably is attached to the Chilean merit, has to swallow an insult, accepted his request.

Xi Ying is five years ago the severely wounded girl, in the stupor was raped by the intern, five years later this girl stumbled upon that is this doctor wisdom merit, started the retaliation of careful design. The girl is the color tempts the doctor first, then the photograph, records they bold exposed and bedroom drama does to like giving as required by rule obscenely, the wife of doctor looked, after the doctor family is stave, has killed the doctor using the killer. Finally, This woman poisonous scorpion feelings, the method is more vicious, to achieve intense goal retaliation.

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  • Movie: Seduction of eve her technique 2007
  • Also Known as : Temptation of Eve: Her Own Technique 2007
  • Director: Jaewan Yu
  • Writer:  Miae Suh, Jaewan Yu
  • Release Date: 20 August 2007 (South Korea)
  • Runtime: 86 min.
  • Genre: Drama
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


  • Jiwan Kim
  • Yeong Suh
  • Jina Yu