Secret Atelier 2013 full movies

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Secret Atelier 2013 full movies

Secret Atelier 2013 full movies: Firstly, Hello my long love… Servant Je-ho and maiden Mae-hyang are from a respectable family… One day in the past when it was raining, the two had to love in secret due to the opposition around them. They were secretive but still happier than anyone else. However, several obstacles parted them and they worry they might forget each other. Years pass and they meet as customer and gisaeng. Finally, They don’t recognize each other right away but feel attracted to each other in some way… Hangul: 비밀의 화방
Director: Jin Dal-rae (진달래)
Genre: Melodrama, Romance
Country: South Korea
Date: 01-01-2013   Cast
Joo Hye-ri (주혜리)
Song Jeong-eun (송정은)
Baek Ma-ri (백마리)
Park Min-cheol (박민철)  

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