Searching for the Elephant 2009

Searching for the Elephant 2009

Searching for the Elephant 2009

Searching for the Elephant 2009: Firstly, Freelance photographer Hyun-woo has a successful career and seems to be living an enviable life. But he’s been suffering from depression since his ex-girlfriend Ma-ri left him, and begins to have trouble distinguishing between reality and delusion.

One of Hyun-woo’s friends, Min-seok, is an in-demand plastic surgeon who is also married to Hyun-woo’s sister Soo-yeon. But Min-seok is constantly having affairs with various women and suspects that he may have sex addiction. Another longtime friend, Jin-hyuk, is a finance specialist. Jin-hyuk is secretly having an affair with Soo-yeon, Min-seok’s wife, and is willing to give up everything for their love.

A suicidal, pot-smoking photographer with schizophrenic episodes, a sex addicted plastic surgeon with a bad conscience, and a secretive financier with legal trouble.

These three childhood friends come together to relate common memories, future ambitions and share their deepest secrets. Searching for the Elephant is a raw, innovative film that portrays the decadent lives of the successful metropolitan in a cynical world. Materialistic dreams and mental anguishes collide as the lives of the three confused friends, and the women surrounding them, spirals out of control.

The film is a stylistic psychological study, with its gritty story portrayed with creative images, disjointed cuts and a slick, stylistic camera work and aesthetics. Creating a beautiful contrast to the dark, disturbing story unfolding.

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  • Jang Hyuk as Hyun-woo
  • Jo Dong-hyuk as Min-seok
  • Lee Sang-woo as Jin-hyuk
  • Lee Min-jung as Soo-yeon
  • Hwang Woo-seul-hye as Ma-ri
  • Park Soo-jin as Ji-na
  • Byun Hee-bong as zoo official
  • Jeon Se-hong as Mi-young
  • Baek Jeong-min as Dong-won
  • Jang Ja-yeon as Hye-mi
  • Jung In-gi as detective
  • Lee Eun-soo as young Hyun-woo
  • Yoon Seol-hee as girl in school uniform
  • Ra Mi-ran as middle-aged teacher
  • Woo Sang-jeon as old man
  • Park Jin-woo as chief administrator

Directed by S.K. Jhung
Produced by S.K. Jhung
Written by S.K. Jhung
Music by Park Min-june (DJ Soulscape)
Cinematography Oh Seung-hwan
Edited by Kim Sun-min
Distributed by Vantage Holdings
Release date: November 5, 2009
Running time: 142 minutes
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Box office US$915,943

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