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Samaria 2004 full movies free online

Samaria 2004 full movies free online

Samaria 2004 full movies free online

Samaria 2004 full movies free online: Firstly, High school students Yeo-Jin (Kwak Ji-Min) and Jae-Young (Han Yeo-Reum) plan a trip to Europe together. So, Jae-Young begins to prostitute herself to save up the money. Her best friend Yeo-Jin manages her appointments and also acts as a lookout when she meets her clients. Eventually, Jae-Young believes herself as as someone like legendary Indian figure Vasumitra, who converted men to Buddhism through sexual encounters.

One day, a police raid occurs and Jae-Young jumps out of a motel window. She is gravely injured. At the hospital Jae-Young asks Yeo-Jin to bring to the hospital one of her favorite clients. When Yeo-Jin tracks down the client he refuses to go to the hospital unless Yeo-Jin has sex with him. Yeo-Jin reluctantly agrees for her dying friend. When they get to the hospital Jae-Young has already passed away.Jae-Young then seeks out Yeo-Jin’s past clients one by one.

Secondly, Jae-yeong and Yeo-jin are high school girls. Jae-yeong manages her life by doing child prostitution, and Yeo-jin takes care of Jae-yeong’s money and her customers like a manager. However Jae-yeong falls down from a building and dies when she gets chased by the police. On the other hand, After Jae-yeong’s death, Yeo-jin decides to have sex with Jae-yeong’s customers and give the money back. Gradually, Yeo-jin meets men happily like Jae-yeong. One day, Yeo-jin’s father coincidentally spots Yeo-jin with a man and he starts to tail him. From that day on, he beats up those men and he ends up killing one of Yeo-jin’s men. One night, he asks Yeo-jin to go on a journey…

One day, Yeo-Jin’s father (Lee Eol) spots Jae-Young walking with an older man. Then, Yeo-Jin’s father is a detective. He begins to Jae-Young …

Samaria 2004 full movies free online

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Jae-Young is an amateur prostitute who sleeps with men while her best friend Yeo-Jin “manages” her, fixing dates, taking care of the money and making sure the coast is clear. When Jae-Young falls in love with one of those man she suppresses her feelings towards him in respect of her friend who’s jealous. One Day Yeo-Jin fails in doing her job overlooking police officers looking for under-aged prostitutes. In order to not get caught Jae-Young jumps out of a window almost killing herself.

Lastly, On her deathbed, she wishes to see the man again whom she fell in love with and turned away from. But the man only agrees if Yeo-Jin sleeps with him. She does but as they arrive in the hospital Jae-Young is already dead. Trying to understand her best friend, Yeo-Jin tracks down every man she slept with and does the same. As her father learns about this he gets on revenge with fatal consequences… Finally,….

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Movie: Samaritan Girl
Revised romanization: Samaria
Hangul: 사마리아
Director: Kim Ki-Duk
Assistant Director: Jang Cheol-Soo
Writer: Kim Ki-Duk
Producer: Kim Ki-Duk, Min Bae-Jeong, Kim Yoon-Ho, Jung-Hyun
Cinematographer: Sun Sang-Jae
Release Date: March 5, 2004
Runtime: 95 min.
Genre: Drama / Arthouse / Disillusioned Youth
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Lee Eol as Young-Ki
Kwak Ji-Min as Yeo-Jin
Han Yeo-Reum as Jae-Young

Additional Cast Members:

Oh Yong – musician
Kim Yoo-Jin – lover
Son Young-Soon – mother of person who committed suicide
Jung In-Gi – Ki-Soo
Kim Ki-Doo – Brother 2

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