Revivre 2015 full movies free online

Revivre 2015 full movies free online

Revivre 2015 full movies free online

Revivre 2015 full movies free online: Firstly, Mr. OH, who is in his mid-fifties, loses his wife after a four-year battle with cancer and proceeds with the funeral arrangements. His daughter’s long and unrelenting weeping has Mr. OH recall the same kind of outburst his wife let out when she was informed of a relapse. However, An executive at a major cosmetics company, Mr. OH was an extremely devoted husband who took great care of his sick wife. Soon, the funeral home becomes filled with guests including his corporate staff who are obliged to bring authorization- required documents for Mr. OH with them despite the occasion. With the upcoming winter collection release, there are too many issues for him to decide, but Mr. OH is distracted, not by the funeral but by a guest clad in black: his female staff member whom he carries feelings for.

Mr. Oh’s (Ahn Sung-Ki) wife passes away from cancer. He works at a large cosmetics company. While his wife suffered from cancer for 4 years, Mr. Oh remained a devoted husband. At his wife’s funeral, his subordinates from work arrive to offer their condolences and talk about work. Among the people from his company, Mr. Oh can’t stop thinking about Choo Eun-Joo (Kim Gyu-Ri). As his wife got closer to death, he began to fall in love with another woman. Finally,

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Movie: Revivre
Revised romanization: Hwajang
Hangul: 화장
Director: Im Kwon-Taek
Writer: Song Yoon-Hee
Producer: Lee Eun, Shim Jae-Myung
Cinematographer: Kim Hyung-Koo
World Premiere: Aug. 27-Sept. 6, 2014 (Venice Film Festival)
Release Date: April 9, 2015
Runtime: 94 min.
Distributor: Little Big Pictures
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

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Ahn Sung-Ki as Mr. Oh
Kim Gyu-Ri as Choo Eun-Joo
Kim Ho-Jung as Mr. Oh’s wife
Jeon Hye-Jin as Oh Mi-Young

Additional Cast Members:

Yeon Woo-Jin – son-in-law
Shin Young-Jin – sister-in-law
Kim Ki-Cheon – Lee Geo-Sa
Kim. Byung-Choon – Department Head Jo
Kim Young-Hoon – Section Chief Jung
Kim Hyun-A – Section Chief Park
Park Jung-Sik – Assistant Manager Kim
Seo Young-Ju – So-Young
Kwon Jung-Eun – advertising model candidate
Han Eu-Ddeum – advertising model candidate
Han Yi-Jin – newspaper reporter
Min Kyung-Jin – Urology Clinic Doctor Choi
Cha Jung-Hwa – nurse of Urology Clinic Doctor Choi
Park Pal-Young – family doctor
Eo Sung-Wook – resident doctor
Park No-Shik – sauna employee
Jo Gi-Wang – sole distributor association president
Ye Ji-Won – dance master in chief
Joo Hyun – CEO
Ahn Suk-Hwan – Director Ahn
Yeo Min-Jung – lipstick girl
Kim Mi-Ra – member of marketing team
Kim. Sun-Ha – member of marketing team
Kim Jung-Soo – manager of Osan plant
Kang Hye-Kyung – massage room woman

Film Festivals

2014 (71st) Venice Film Festival – Aug. 27-Sept. 6, 2014 – Out of Competition *World Premiere
2014 (39th) Toronto International Film Festival – September 4-14, 2014 – Masters *North American Premiere
2014 (33rd) Vancouver International Film Festival – Sept. 25-Oct. 10, 2014 – Dragons and Tigers
2014 (19th) Busan International Film Festival] – Oct. 2-11, 2014 – Gala Presentation
2014 (34th) Hawaii International Film Festival – Oct. 30-Nov. 9, 2014 – Spotlight on Korea *U.S. Premiere
2014 (25th) Singapore International Film Festival – Dec. 4-14, 2014 – Tribute to Im Kwon-Taek
2015 (14th) New York Asian Film Festival – June 26-July 18, 2015 – Myung Films *New York Premiere
2015 (51st) BaekSang Arts Awards – May 26, 2015
Best Film
Best Supporting Actress (Kim Ho-Jung)

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