Purpose of Reunion 2015 full movies

Purpose of Reunion 2015 full movies

Purpose of Reunion 2015 full movies

Purpose of Reunion 2015 full movies: Firstly, Dongchul, who is managing a small bar, is always enthusiastic about his school reunions. One day, Yujin, who has never showed up to a reunion, shows up at his bar. Her baby face and vitality make her unlike other married women and all the men fall for her, especially Dongchul. They start a relationship but it abruptly flames out due to the sudden arrival of Dongchul’s wife. As they get to know each other’s secrets, will their love be allowed to grow?

Dong-chul (played by Jo In-woo) is a sleazy guy who boasts to his friends about how he’s totally figured out the whole relationship conflict thing. See, Dong-chul has a wife and kids. But they live in the Philippines. So even though Dong-chul has already solved the life goal of getting married and having a family (since he knocked her up in college), Dong-chul is still free and clear to engage in whatever philandering he wants in Korea, where none of this could possibly reflect badly on him. And you know what that means- copious soft core sex scenes.

“Purpose of Reunion 2015 full movies” somehow managed to sneak itself into the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival this year, even though it’s rather obviously aiming for a rather low-brow audience. Well, that’s fine by me. One of the nice things about more exploitative movies like this is that they tend not to be that pretentious about sex. The sex scenes in “Purpose of Reunion 2015 full movies” are there primarily for titillation and comedy, and they succeed on both fronts.

Yet at the same time the film steers into curious moral territory. We know Dong-chul is pretty indisputably a jerk lothario. His entire romance with Yu-jin (played by Kim Yoo-yeon).

Purpose of Reunion 2015 full movies

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Basically consists of Dong-chul coming up with thinly contrived excuses to hit on her, pretending like hot hot sex isn’t actually his long term goal when in fact it obviously is. At one point Yu-jin accuses him of harassment. To which Dong-chul responds, quite sensibly, that their relationship doesn’t actually have a power differential, so Yu-jin could stop this by just not responding to his phone calls.

In this way “Purpose of Reunion 2015 full movies” manages to bring up lots of interesting questions regarding agency. On the literal level the movie is just wish fulfillment- wouldn’t it be nice if we could just have sex outside of marriage with no consequences? Obviously by the end of the movie Dong-chul finds out that it’s not so simple. What’s interesting is that the finale reveals that Dong-chul’s actions really were taking place in a vacuum.

Essentially, Dong-chul is right. There aren’t any consequences for having sex outside of marriage except the ones that exist in your own imagination. And that’s the problem. Basically the entirity of human perception exists solely in our imaginations. Nobody can see what Dong-chul is doing but he can’t see what they’re doing either- and more importantly Dong-chul can’t know what they’re thinking. The implications of this become a lot more serious when Yu-jin finally ups and spells out the logistical problem with his worldview.

Film-wise, the result of all this is a surprisingly consistent frame of storytelling. Yes, the sex is really hot and seems to undercut any attempt at a moral message but that’s the entire point. Cheating seems fun because it’s done in isolation as part of a fantasy- that’s why it’s called cheating, because it’s breaking the rules.

Hangul: 동창회의 목적 (dong-chang-ho-eui mok-jeok)

Release Date: 2015/08/05 (South Korea)
Runtime: 100 min
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Screenplay by Jo Hyeong-woo (조형우)
Directed by Jung Dae-man (정대만)
Genres: Romance, Melodrama
Tags: Erotic, Sexual Content


Jo In-woo 조인우 As Dong-cheol (동철)
Kim Yoo-yeon 김유연 As Yoo-jin (유진)
Lee Hyeon-seong 이현성 As Sang-joon (상준)
Kim Neul-me 김늘메 As Maeng-hoon (맹훈)
Yoo Seung-hyun 유승현 As Yeong-mi (영미)
Choi Go-eun 최고은 As Mal-ja (말자)

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