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Power Diary Cow Farms Saedaek 2015

Power Diary Cow Farms Saedaek 2015

Power Diary Cow Farms Saedaek 2015

Power Diary Cow Farms Saedaek 2015: Firstly, Unemployed Im Chung takes the job on a cow farm, yet she came to steal the hearts and cause more work for the farm employees.

Secondly, Work hard in a cow farm and spend the day donggil. However, Attractive woman give a cow farm in one day it is the same length works come to help the understaffed. And give to the east give way to steal the hearts of hate that is also not the same length. So, Pensions and cows and to give that man busy working on the farm in question has suddenly come to find this man … I am the owner of a secret proposal to give a static place of work ….

젖소농장에서 열심히 일을 하며 하루하루를 보내는 동길. 어느 날 동길이 일하고 있는 젖소농장에 매력적인 여자 주라가 일손을 도우러 오게 된다. 동길은 주라에게 마음을 빼앗기게 되고 주라도 그런 동길이 싫지만은 않다. 펜션과 젖소농장에서 분주하게 일하고 있는 주라에게 갑자기 의문의 남자가 찾아오게 되고.. 이 남자는 주라가 일하는 곳의 주인인 정태에게 은밀한 제안을 하게 되는데….

Thirdly, With a simple but very well written plot “Power Diary Cow Farms Saedaek” is an interesting adult comedy. The key point is the switched cinematography with the script that feeds the chronology order giving a fluidity, a little seen combination in adult films of the genre. Then, It’s a romantic comedy story with an extra touch of seduction.

Fourthly, The scenes are well-crafted nudity is not revealed and the explicit sex scenes are absent, nice soundtrack and a beautiful cast that combined with the plot make the film an interesting adult romantic comedy. Finally,….


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Alternate Titles: 위험한 중독 (wi-heom-han jung-dok)
Movie Title: Power diary: Cow farm saedaek AKA 전원일기:젖소농장새댁
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Mature
Runtime: 90min
Release date in South Korea : 2015/01/01
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Director: handongho 한동호





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