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Pornmaking for Dummies 2007

Pornmaking for Dummies 2007

Pornmaking for Dummies 2007

Pornmaking for Dummies 2007: Firstly,  Pornography in Korea is a delicate subject. While Korea is one of the world’s most wired countries, the Korean government has actively taken measures to block pornography on the Internet, with the most recent proposal to ban almost all foreign pornography sites. But while the government is attempting a crackdown, Koreans have spent an average of $526.75 per person per year, beating out countries such as China and the US. So pornography has some relevance in this country.
The film focuses on a young man named Jin-gyu, who dreams of becoming a movie director, takes a job as an assistant director for a porn film called “All Nude Boy”. Beyond good or evil, this is how some people make a living. It may look as though anyone can make one, but Jin-gyu finds out in the movie that this is not the case when he argues with the director that sloppiness did not allowed.
In the past Kong always introduced himself as a “porn film director”, and But even so, he is still dealing with constant insults. “I used to criticize people who watch porn secretly yet openly condemn it as being two-faced and hypocritical, but now I don’t.  Finally, That’s just human nature.
The movie is hilarious and takes a candid look at the porn industry, with even real life interviews with Koreans and their feelings on the pornography.
The film released on November 15th 2007.
Also Know As: The Sex Film 2007
Year: November 15, 2007
Directed: Kong Ja-Kwan
Genre: Comedy/Drama/Erotica
Runtime: 72 mins
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Also Know As: The Sex Film 2007
So-jin Jeong
 Jae-wan Jo
Dong-soo Kim
Yang-hoon Kim

Genre: Korean 18+


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