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Playboy Bong 2013 full movies

Playboy Bong 2013

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Playboy Bong 2013 full movies

Playboy Bong 2013 full movies: Firstly, Director Yim Pil-Sung (Yim Pil-Sung), who has previously directed such films as Antarctic Journal and Hansel and Gretel, travels to Bali to shoot erotic horror movie “Beach of Madness”.

While shooting the film, Yim Pil-Sung becomes disappointed with the boring erotic scenes. He decides to bring in brilliant erotic film director Bong Man-Dae to add spice to the film. Bong Man-Dae’s appearance on the shooting set in Bali makes the staff and cast nervous. Actresses Kwak Hyun-Hwa, Sung Eun and Epani are not happy with the situation at all.

Bong Man-Dae demands more nudity for the erotic scenes, which goes beyond what the actresses signed up for. The actresses decide to oppose his decision.

In addition, the assistant director (Lee Sun-Ho) becomes angered by Bong Man-Dae’s dictator like working style, the photographer (Kang Yong-Kyu) tries to take smutty pictures of the three actresses, the producer tries to sweep under the rug all the troubles brewing on the set and Yim Pil-Sung, who is forced to step down as the director, awaits for his chance to take revenge.

Can Bong Man-Dae complete the film? Finally, does it a good or bad movies to watch with couple at the weekend? Let’s enjoy together if you think it..

100% real movie filming exposed by master of erotism Bong Man-dae and actresses of high spirits, Kwak Hyeon-hwa, Seong Eun and Lee Pani.
“Madness on the Beach” is an erotic movie being filmed by Im Pil-seong all over Bali, Indonesia. However, the producer is so disappointed in the simplicity of the movie and takes measures.

A master is called in and Bong Man-dae’s appearance brings along a sense of gloom…   Erotic maestro Bong, was almost kicked out of the resort ?!
The daunting moments of photography of Indonesian Bali location!

Playboy Bong 2013 full movies free online

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As all the locations were held in Bali, Indonesia, the filming site <Artist Bongmandae> had more dazzling moments than movies. Particularly, the episode that all crews were almost kicked out of the resort thanks to the profile of director Bong Man-dae, the heroic master, tells the reality of the scene. Kbunvilla Resort, located in Indonesia, is the backdrop for the entire movie, is the most important place for young women from Singapore to be CEOs.   In this place, the production team of Artist Bongmandae had to go through a moment when the heart was pounding. There was an urgent call from the CEO the afternoon three days after arrival. Ominous feelings from the CEO said, “When I searched Google Bongmandae, it seems that you are the ones who are making strange movies. This is an Islamic country and it’s unacceptable to shoot such a strange movie at my resort. I want you to go out. ” Suddenly shocked by the words of Cheongcheon, the production team was able to persuade the CEO for a long time and managed to resume shooting. Due to the reputation of director Erong Bong, I almost had to fold the filming of the location. The film <Artist Bong Mandae>, which makes full use of the sense of reality through the moments of external and immediate action, is expected.

Playboy Bong 2013

Original Title: Playboy Bong 2013, Artist Bong 2013, Atiseuteu Bong Man Dae 2013, Artist Bong Man-Dae 2013, 아티스트 봉만대 2013
Other title: Playboy Bong 2013 full movie free, Playboy Bong 2013 full movie free online , Playboy Bong 2013 full movie free watch download online

Also Known As: Playboy Bong 2013 cast imdb story

Directed by Bong Man-dae (봉만대)
Screenplay by Bong Man-dae (봉만대), Park Se-yeol (박세열)
Writer: Bong Man-Dae, Park Se-Yeol
Producer: Lee Seung-Hoon, Yang Gun-Ui
Cinematographer: Kim Hyun-Tae
Distributor: Cinus Entertainment

Genre:  18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Drama, Comedy
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Length: 104 min
Release Date in South Korea: 29 August 2013
View: 100
ContentRating: G
Publish Date: 2018-03-27


Bong Man-dae (봉만대)
Kwak Hyun-hwa (곽현화)
Sung Eun (성은)
Lee Pa-ni (이파니)
Yim Pil-sung (임필성) as Director (감독)
Lee Sun-ho (이선호) as Assistant director (조연출)
Yeo Hyun-soo (여현수) as Hero (남자 주인공)
Kang Yong-gyu (강용규) Photographer (사진작가)
Lee Sang-hwa-I (이상화) Producer (제작자)
Kim Na-mi (김나미) as Padding woman (패딩녀)
Kim Do-yun-I (김도연) as Make-up team (분장팀)

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