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Picture Of A Fair Lady 2008 full movies

Picture Of A Fair Lady 2008 full movies

Picture Of A Fair Lady 2008 full movies

Picture Of A Fair Lady 2008 full movies: Firstly, Shin Yun-bok (Jin Minshan decoration) father family places this pitiful girl prosperously, hides his daughter body, changes to dress up to present by the man, is following some local painter Jin Hong Dao (Jin Yinghao decoration) study, the learning drawing technique, to sell the picture to maintain the livelihood to the landlords painstakingly.

Boorish Jiang Wu (kinnane lucky decoration) is the marketplace blue bronze mirror merchant, a time accidental had discovered Shin Yun-bok’s woman status, falls in love with her, and makes Run luck realize that is the woman like the destiny love.

But between Shin Yun-bok’s teacher King Hong Dao and apprentice marvelous sentiments, he did not allow that Run luck betrays itself, prevents Run luck and Jiang Wu by any means possible. But famous prostitute snowflake (fall porcelain dazzles decoration) deeply to love Jin Hong Dao.

Will four people move toward where? Shin Yun-bok and can Jiang Wu protect his love? Will Shin Yun-bok’s female status be exposed? Finally she can change her life, becomes the North Korean well-known painter?

[Movie news]:

Movie “Beautiful woman Chart” will start the wind of ancient costume on-the-spot report in this fall silver screen, this movie described North Korea later of a Shin Yun-bok’s three big custom painters biography.

The documentary already emerged in South Korea, “Marathon”, “Murder Memory”, “That Fellow Voice” was displayed the huge potential by the movie of true story reorganization, later, on-the-spot report unrest changed the ancient costume, famous had “King Man”,

This intermediary of this movie “in actor with the aid of palace”, Zhang Lvshui to well-known tyrant Yanshan Mr. and seductive woman carried on has annotated, thus made tens of thousands of audiences enter the movie theater successfully.

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This year, “Beautiful woman Chart”, “Double Flower shop” took the North Korean time to present as the background shade piece, will collaborate to welcome “ancient costume on-the-spot report” heyday.

The so-called ancient costume on-the-spot report, namely launches the imagination on the historical personage the wing, mixes on-the-spot report and history in the same place, source material of being in vogue of ancient costume on-the-spot report to the South Korean movie person who dries up such as meets the timely rain simply.

Shin Yun-bok’s story little was filmed, therefore “Beautiful woman Chart” is worth paying attention especially, particularly in the piece dares first artistic genius Shin Yun-bok to mold for the time is the female, made the person recollections association fly fast.

In this movie, not only can appreciate to stemming from Shin Yun-bok’s the North Korean earliest erotic picture of hand, but can also feel the leading characters to make the love that one shocks. Lastly,

Title: The beautiful women attempt (high-definition version) [Chinese subtitles]

Release Date: 01-01-2008

Country: Korean

Director: Yedang

Jin Minshan, the fall sub-virtue, the fall porcelain dazzles, kinnane, Jin Yinghao
Language classification pronunciation: Korean pronunciation. Simplified Chinese captions.
Movie content: Ancient costume. Adults. Plot. Love. Only beautiful. Erotic. Romantic. Magnificent. Etc.
Publishes film executive: Yedang entertainment company. Phoenix angel South Korea Drama Club manufactures.
Thus, Picture Of A Fair Lady 2008 full movies is the best ever…