Perfect Partner 2011 full movies

Perfect partner 2011

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Perfect Partner 2011 full movies

Perfect Partner 2011 full movies: Firstly, A single father struggling to make his comeback as a screenwriter falls in love with one of his students. Meanwhile his son, studying to become a chef, falls in love with his teacher. Love is great for creativity, but it comes with a price.   Screen writer Joon-Suk (Kim Young-Ho) desperately needs new inspiration and prospective writer Yeon-Hee (Yoon Chae-Yi) is full of passion, but struggles because of lack of creativity. Cook researcher Hee-Sook (Kim Hye-Sun) is desperate to develop new cooking ideas. Her student Min-Soo (Kim San-Ho) is full of novel ideas. Beyond the relationship of teacher and student, 2 couples’ touch-and-go relationship continues. On the other hand, they live so happy at the city with their career for many years. Finally, they get fully happiness.   Synopsis
A screenplay writer Jun-seok and a famed chef Hee-sook, each of them starts having sex with their own students, respectively with Yeon-hui and Min-soo on purpose for inspiration! Each of their wild and secret relationship surprisingly gives continuous inspiration to them. These two couples try to be physically affectionate even in public areas to draw more inspiration. While all Jun-seok needs from the relationship is finish his screenplay to make his splendid comeback, all his student-turned-secret lover Yeon-hui desperately wants is win a prize at the screenplay competition. Also, while Hee-sook tries to get in her second prime, her young lover Min-soo works to develop his great recipes. Will their controversial relationships indeed fulfill their needs?

Perfect Partner 2011 full movies free online

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Hook the line ~

Hook the line that should not be crossed between the teacher and the disciple! 
Jun Suk (Kim Young-ho), a famous screenwriter who has been in the slump for seven years, and Hee-sook (Kim Hye-sun), the best Korean food researcher! The most necessary thing for a nervous and inspiring life from a close acquaintance was the advice of love, and then he swung at the closest disciple. Finally, ‘each’ strategically begins dating ~ That’s
just one of his brothers and sisters! It’s too hot ~

beyond imagination! Their strategic and creative love begins! 
The advantage of a timeless encounter between a slump teacher and an inspiring disciple is that the more you do it, the more inspiration comes to you! The two couples show various affections at any time and place to inspire creative motivation. Junseok is for the hit movie scenario, Junseok’s disciple Yonhee (Yun Chai) is for the scenario competition, and Heesook is once again looking for the second prime, The breathtaking romance of these two couples cheating on each other gets bold and hot!

It is the hottest love sneaking aside!
Do you have it? Perfect S Partner ??

Original Title: 완벽한 파트너 2011, Wonbyeokhan Pateuneo 2011, Wan-byeok-han Pa-teu-neo 2011, My Secret Partner 2011

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Also Known As: Perfect partner 2011 film cast imdb story korean movie trailor eng sub English subtitle

Directed by Park Heon-soo (박헌수)
Screenplay by Park Heon-soo (박헌수)
Writer: Park Hyun-Soo
Producer: Kim Se-Hoon, Park Hyun-Soo, Kim Myung-Eun, Jung Jae-Hoon
Cinematographer: Kim Young-No
Distributor: Time Story Group
Genre:  18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Drama, Melodrama, Romance, Comedy
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Length: 125 min
Release Date in South Korea: November 17, 2011
View: 100
ContentRating: G
Publish Date: 2017-12-05

Perfect Partner 2011


Young-Ho​ Kim as Joon-Suk
Kim Hye-Sun as Hee-Sook
Kim San-Ho as Min-Soo
Yoon Chae-Yi as Yeon-Hee

Additional Cast Members:
Jung Joo-Hee as Soo-Jin
Moon Ji-Young as Sang-Mi
Jo Sung-Hee as Manager Kim
Lee Joo-Won as Ye-Sun
Kim O-Bok as employee
Nam Sung-Joon as moviegoer 1
Sung Min-Soo as CEO Kim
Film Festivals

2012 (14th) Udine Far East Film – April 20-April 28, 2012 *International Festival Premiere
Film Festivals

2015 (19th) Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival – July 16-26, 2015 – K-indie Genre Strikes!

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