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Pale Sun 1998 full movies free online

Pale Sun 1998 full movies free online

Pale Sun 1998 full movies free online

Pale Sun 1998 full movies free online: Firstly, The plot is a tear-jerking cliches of forbidden love. Zheng Jia Yu plays the character of a nurse who arrives at her fiancees house in preparation for their wedding. She tries to settle into their lives as a family member only to discover that her fiancée is too busy with earning money and has little time for romance.

In a strange town and new workplace, she finds herself very much in a similar situation as her fiancees younger brother (played by Su Yu Peng), an artist who withdraws into his own world. Slowly, the two find themselves entangled in a desperate love. Just to throw in something to tear the audiences heart out, the scriptwriter decides to give the younger brother a terminal illness too. So there you have it, a forbidden and very much doomed love in the span of 90 minutes.

Pale Sun 1998 full movies free online

Genre: Art
Rating: II B (Hong Kong)

Director: Kevin Chu Yen-Ping

Script: Wang Yi-Bai

Producer: Law Tiu-Wai

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Alec Su You-Peng
Cheng Chia-Yu
Stanley Fung Sui-Fan
Wu Min (1)
Lian Pi-Tong
Ng Hoi-Man

Production Company
Yen Ping Films Productions Ltd.

China Star Entertainment Group (Hong Kong)

Chen Jung-Shu

Production Manager
Chow Mang-Kwan
Chung Bing-Wong

Sound Recordist
Lam Shun-Long

Chen Po-Wen

Script Supervisor
Kelly Mang Cheung-Lee

Kevin Chu Yen-Ping

Yau Yee-Chu

Assistant Director
Wang Yi-Bai

Chiang Hsiao-Wen

Release date in Taiwan: 01-01-1998
Director………: Chu Yen Ping
Stars…………: Alec Su, Cheng Ka Yu, Alec Su You-Peng, Wu Min
Genre…………: Drama
Country……….: Taiwan
Language………: Mandarin
Subtitles……..: Chinese
Also Known As….: Xin Sheng Dai (情色)

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