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Paju 2009 full movies free online

Paju 2009 full movies free online

Paju 2009 full movies free online

Paju 2009 full movies free online: Firstly, Paju, is the name of a place everyone has heard of but don’t really know. There, we see a man sharing the lot of the neglected, and the women surrounding him. Bearing the paradox of liaison in the name of love, this place creates the traces of an unknown age.

Secondly, 15-year-old Choi Eun-mo (Seo Woo) falls in love with her teacher Joong-shik (Lee Sun-Gyun), a mysterious new man in the town of Paju. Her feelings for Joong-shik changes when she learns that Joong-shik is dating her older sister Eun-soo (Shim Lee-Yeong). A year later, Joong-shik and Eun-soo are now married, with Eun-mo living with them.

One day, when Joong-shik and Eun-soo are home alone, a sudden gas explosion causes the death of Eun-Soo. When Joong-shik tells Eun-mo the tragic news of her older sister, he tells her that her older sister died in a hit-and-run accident. So, Joong-shik and Eun-soo now live together.

A few years later, Eun-soo, still caught in a whirlwind of emotions for Joong-shik, suddenly leaves for India.

Upon her return to the town of Paju, Eun-mo discovers her apartment is facing demolition and the apartment tenants turned squatters are fighting desperately against the gangster muscle men leading the demolition. However, The anti-demolition group is led by Eun-mo’s former brother-in-law Joong-shik. During this time, Eun-mo digs further into the death of her older sister and she becomes torn between the truth and her feelings for Joong-shik.

So close to want but forbidden to love-A girl falls in love with her sister’s husband. Finally,..

Paju 2009 full movies free online

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“Paju” will makes its world premiere during the 14th Pusan International Film Festival (Oct. 8-15, 2009). The film will compete in the New Currents section. So, Film director Chan-ok Park’s previous film “Jealousy Is My Middle Name” won the New Currents Award in 2002.
“Paju” opened #6 at the South Korean box office during its opening Oct. 30- Nov. 1st weekend. The movie opened on 160 screens, selling 35,230 tickets and accounting for 3% of all tickets sold that weekend.
“Paju” was selected as the official opening film for the 39th International Film Festival Rotterdam – the first ever South Korean film to open that festival.

User Rating
Current user rating: 87 (62 votes)


Movie: Paju
Revised romanization: Paju
Hangul: 파주
Director: Park Chan-Ok
Writer: Park Chan-Ok
Producer: Lee Eun, Kim Ju-Kyung, Shim Jae-Myung
Cinematographer: Kim Woo-Hyung
Distributor: MK Pictures
World Premier: October 2009 (Pusan Int. Film Fest.)
Release Date: October 29, 2009
Runtime: 111min.
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Lee Sun-Kyun as Kim Joong-Sik
Seo Woo Shim as Choi Eun-Mo
Yi-Young as Choi Eun-Su
Kim Bo-Kyung as Jung Ja-Young
Han Ye-Ri as Mi-Ae
Lee Dae-Yeon as Joong-Sik’s cousin
Lee Kyoung-Young as gang boss

Additional Cast Members:

Son Kang-Kuk – gangster
Lee Mi-Do – human rights organization assistant administrator
Jeong Man-Sik – anti-demolition member
Oh Dae-Hwan – insurance examiner
Lee Bong-Kyu – tenant on 1st floor
Park Se-Jong – twin 2
Kim Ja-Young – squatter 1
Kim. Seo-Won – evicted resident 5
Kim Han-Joon – evicted resident 7

Film Festivals
2009 (14th) Pusan International Film Festival – October 8th-16th – New Currents (World Premiere)
2010 (39th) International Film Festival Rotterdam – January 27th-Feb. 7th – Opening Film
2010 (12th) Deauville Asian Film Festival – March 10th-14th – The Features Competition
2010 (5th) The London Korean Film Festival – November 5-23
“NETPAC Award” – 14th (2009) Pusan International Film Festival – October 8th-16th
“Jury Prize” – 2010 (12th) Deauville Asian Film Festival – March 10th-14th

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