Our Ex-Girlfriend 2013 full movies

Our Ex-Girlfriend 2013 full movies

Our Ex-Girlfriend 2013 full movies

Our Ex-Girlfriend 2013 full movies: Firstly, After Jae-Hyun is discharged from the military, he begins to sell roasted sweet potatoes to pay for his university tuition fees. Hye-Ri works at a room salon. She often buys roasted sweet potatoes from Jae-Hyun. One day, drunken Hye-Ri goes to Jae-Hyun and asks him to be her friend. Jae-Hyun says yes.

Later, at the corner of an alley, Hye-Ri is bitten by an employee at the room salon. Jae-Hyun helps her and they become closer. Through chance, they spend a night together. The next morning, Hye-Ri finds money apparently left behind on purpose by Jae-Hyun. She is hurt by his actions and never sees Jae-Hyun again.

Jae-Hyun now works at an insurance company. Hye-Ri then reappears in Jae-Hyun’s life and they fall in love. They even begin to live together. Suddenly, Hye-Ri tells Jae-Hyun that she wants to become an actress. Jae-Hyun supports her, but he eventually tires of supporting her. Around this time, Jae-Hyun begins a relationship with a beautiful client. The relationship between Jae-Hyun and Hye-Ri is now shattered. To make matters worse, goons from the room salon where Hye-Ri formerly worked, begin to look for her and pressures Jae-Hyun.

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Movie: Our Ex-Girlfriend (literal title)
Revised romanization: Woorideului Hyeeojin Yeojachingu
Hangul: 우리들의 헤어진 여자친구
Director: Lee Kwang-Ho
Release Date: August 29, 2013
Runtime: 89 min.
Distributor: Golden Tide Pictures
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea

Joo Young-Ho
Oh Yeon-Jae

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