Ong-nyeo dyeon 2014

Ong-nyeo dyeon 2014

Ong-nyeo dyeon 2014

Ong-nyeo dyeon 2014: Firstly, The return of the lad ‘Ingot’ surpassing the stud! So, The story of the best Korean-born nanny begins now!

Secondly, a chest full of bare hands that can not be covered with one hand, a constricted waist that can be caught by a hand, and a perfect curved hip! Then, I had a bagel girl that was born with a godly sexy figure. To live normally, she is very hot and sexy, and her best friend, Eunryeong, is enjoying the colorful night life while enjoying the sneaky gaze of the men of all the towns. But there is a mystery that can not be told by an invincible innocent woman who can attract all men to her skirts, so there is no man in this world who can afford her true desires.

변강쇠를 능가하는 음녀 ‘옹녀’의 귀환!
조선 최고의 색남색녀의 이야기가 지금 시작된다!

한 손으론 감당할 수 없는 풍만한 가슴과 한 줌에 잡힐 듯한 잘록한 허리, 그리고 완벽한 곡선을 그리는 엉덩이까지! 그야말로 신이 내린 섹시한 몸매를 타고난 원조 ‘베이글녀’가 있었으니 이름하야 바로 옹녀! 평범하게 살기엔 심하게 새끈하고 과하게 섹시한 옹녀와 그녀의 절친 을령은 온 동네 남자들의 음흉한 시선을 즐기며 화려한 밤생활을 즐기고 있다. 그러나 모든 남자를 자신의 치마폭으로 끌어들일 수 있는 무적의 옹녀에게도 단 한 가지 말 못할 비밀이 있었으니, 바로 그녀의 진정한 욕구를 감당할 남자가 이 세상에 없다는 것이다.

Ong-nyeo dyeon 2014

Thirdly, The return of the lad ‘Ingot’ surpassing the stud!
The story of the best Korean-born nanny begins now!

I can not afford any man in this world. Her brilliant beauty and brilliant talent in the night, all the men who came to the village became sex slaves, and she is kicked out of her hometown. On the other hand, (Gang Kyung-woo), who has heard the rumor of the Ong-il who has begun to live in a deep mountain alone, has a

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Also Known As: Ingot 뎐 Unclear 2014, Ingot 2014, 옹녀뎐 2014, The Story Of Ong-Nyeo 2014
Directed by Kyeong Seok-ho (경석호)
Screenplay by Kyeong Seok-ho (경석호), Son Yeon-hee (손연희)
Runtime: 94 min
Release in South Korea: 2014/08/21
Genre: Drama, 18+, Erotic, Adult, Mature, Melodrama •Romance
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Quality: HD
Color: Color
Cast: Han Chae-yoo (한채유) as Ong-nyeo (옹녀), Kang Kyung-woo (강경우) as Byeon Kang-soi (변강쇠), Shin Yoo-joo (신유주) as
Eul-ryeong (을령), Kim Tae-hoon-I (김태훈) as Dol-soi (돌쇠), Baek Gil-sang (백길상) as Moo-myeong (무명), Gil Son (길손) as
Sexual abstinence (계색), Park Seon-joo (박선주) as Boon-i (분이), Bae Geon-sik (배건식) as Husband Kim (김서방), Im Ah-ran (임아란) as Stepdaughter (의녀), Kim Man-seok (김만석) as Unmarried young man facing Eul-ryeong (을령상대도령)

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