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Oh Soo-jung 2000 full movies

Oh Soo-jung 2000 full movies

Oh Soo-jung 2000 full movies

Oh Soo-jung 2000 full movies: Firstly, Relationship filled with pitfalls between a pleasant female video producer and a gallery owner as they become embroiled in their self-spun web of illusions. Bitter-sweet serenade to modern courtship.

Secondly, a young man arrives at a hotel for an assignation; she calls to say she’s not coming. However, He is Jae-hoon, she is Soo-jung; they’ve met through Young-soo, an independent filmmaker. Then, Soo-jung writes for Young-soo; Jae-hoon may finance his film project. From varying points of view in two long parallel flashbacks, we see what precedes the hotel date. Details differ, and each account includes events missing from the other. Characters are quiet and self-contained, then animated; victims apologize. On the other hand, Each character frequently asks, “Really?” What has really happened? Is one account more accurate? Is a kiss the most enjoyable and promising human contact? Connections are tenuous and fragile.

Thirdly, Soo-jung is a scriptwriter for a local cable TV station. She is close with the program producer Young-soo. So, In attempts to urge his rich friend Jae-hoon to finance an independent film he is currently directing, Young-soo visits Jae-hoon’s gallery with Soo-jung tagging along. Jae-hoon finds himself attracted to Soo-jung and asks her to become his lover. Soo-jung somewhat reluctantly accepts the offer on condition that it will only be when they go out for a drink. Their tug-of-war reveals that Soo-jung is still a virgin and this impresses Jae-hoon as well as escalates his frustration. Meanwhile, Young-soo also expresses his feelings for Soo-jung. Soo-jung will have to decide whether to surrender her virginty as Jae-hoon anxiously awaits her at a hotel room. Finally,…

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Movie: Virgin Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors
Revised romanization: Oh! Soo-jung
Hangul: 오! 수정
Genre:Comedy •Romantic comedy •Drama •Melodrama •Romance
Director: Hong Sang-Soo
Writer: Hong Sang-Soo
Producer:Byoung-ju Ahn, In-gi Choi
Cinematographer: Young-taek Choi
Screenplay by Hong Sang-soo (홍상수)
Release Date in South Korea: May 27, 2000
Runtime: 126 min
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
Lee Eun-Ju – Soo-jung
Moon Sung-Geun – Young-soo
Han Myung-Goo
Jeong Ho-Bong
Lee Hwang-Eui
Jung Bo-Suk – Jae-hoon
Yeong-dae Kim
Song Mi-Jung
Park Mi-Hyun
Jo Ryun
Seon Yu
Jo Won-Hee
Film Festivals
2011 (13th) Deauville Asian Film Festival – March 9 – 13, 2011 – Tribute to Hong Sang-Soo: Complete Works

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