Ogamdo 2009 full movies free online

Ogamdo 2009 full movies free online

Ogamdo 2009 full movies free online

Ogamdo 2009 full movies free online: Firstly, The film “Five Senses of Eros” is about 5 different episodes of different peoples revealing the different senses of Eros. “His Concern” is directec by Byeon Hyeok
“I’m Right Here” is directec by Heo Jin-ho
“33rd Man” is directec by Yu Young-sik
“La Fin et le début” (The End and the Beginning) is directec by Min Gyoo-dong
“Have Faith in the Moment” is directec by Oh Ki-hwan

An 18 year-old girl In-hwa lives on her own in Pusan. nobody except her closest friend Sang-mi knows about her pregnancy and she persuades In-hwa to send the baby for adoption. In-hwa reluctantly signs and leaves her baby behind. As time goes by her yearning for the baby gets bigger and she visits the adoption center to ask if she can have the baby back. the staff coldly refuses her request saying the baby can be better off with new parents. All she got is the address of the baby’s new family in France and she takes a trip abroad.

Aka: Five Senses of Eros 2009
Directed: Heo Jin-Ho, Daniel H. Byun, Yu Young-Sik, Oh Gi-Hwan, Min Gyu-Dong
Genre: Omnibus, Romance
Runtime: 129mins
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: english
Cast: Kim Gang-Woo, Cha Su-Yeon, Jang Hyeok(b)  User Rating   Current user rating: 76 (349 votes)
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  • Movie: Five Senses of Eros
  • Revised romanization: Ogamdo
  • Hangul: 오감도
  • Director: Hur Jin-Ho, Byeon Hyeok, Yu Yeong-Sik, Oh Ki-Hwan, Min Kyu-Dong
  • Assistant Director: Park Sun
  • Writer: Hur Jin-Ho, Byeon Hyeok, Yu Yeong-Sik, Oh Ki-Hwan, Min Kyu-Dong, Lee Jung-Hwa, Park Sun, Kim Sun-Hyoun, Jung Sam-Sung
  • Producer: Choi Soon-Sik, Kim Jin-A, Seo Eun-Jung, Uhm Ki-Wook, Min Jin-Soo, Kang Young-Mo
  • Cinematographer: Kim Moo-Yoo, Ko Nak-Seo, Kim Joon-Young, Yoon Ji-Yoon, Kim Byung Seo, Kim Yong-Hong
  • Release Date: July 9, 2009
  • Runtime: 128 min.
  • Genre: Omnibus / Drama
  • Distributor: Cinergy
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Segments In this anthology film centered around the theme of “Eros,” five seperate stories are presented by five top Korean directors. The main characters from each segment are connected with each other in one way or another.

His Concern

  • Director: Byeon Hyeok
  • Plot: A man is attracted by the women sitting across from him on a train ride to Busan. He then gets off the train after her, even though its not his stop. He is then able to get her phone number. A few days later the man plans to meet the woman for the second time.
  • Cast:

Jang Hyuk – Jung Min-Soo Cha Hyun-Jung – Han Ji-Won

  • Kim Su-Ro – older brother
  • Kim Nan-Hee – older brother’s wife


  1. “Five Senses of Eros” opened #4 at the South Korean box office selling 146,149 tickets on 397 screens (10.6% of all ticket sales) during its opening July 10th – July 12th weekend.
  2. Through its theatrical run the movie sold a total of 402,951 tickets, grossing 2.8 billion ₩ (staying in the top ten for 2 weeks).
  3. Short film segment “In My End is My Beginning” was later turned into a full length theatrical film – which premiers at the 14th Pusan International Film Festival.
  4. Related titles:
    1. In My End is My Beginning | Kkeutkwa Sijak (2009)

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