Night Dreaming 2016​ full movies free

Night Dreaming 2016​ full movies free

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Night Dreaming 2016​ full movies free

Night Dreaming 2016 full movies free: Firstly, Yang Shiba (Fanjiatai) and Zhao Dayong (Ruan) is a pair of village wonderful brother, Yang waited eighteen years girlfriend Xiaofang back to the village one day and he fulls of joy Yang one hundred and eighty thousand Wanmeixiangdao immediate he has become an electricity supplier CEOs wife.

A strong sense of abandonment suffocating love in the face of reality so that Yang eighteen battles sprouted out of the idea. He left home early eighteenth and Zhao Dayong strange city they encountered a fraud gang, not wishing to innocent caught up in a criminal gang trafficking women into scores.

A chance that Yang Zhao Dayong eighth and once again encountered encounter Poems (Liu Wan Lu ornaments), electricity providers operating in hot cities, three of them began a different kind of venture embarrassing way.

Night Dreaming 2016​ full movies free

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Also Known As: The Night Dreaming: Don’t Laugh River and Lakes 2016, Don’t Laugh Rivers and Lakes of The Night Dreaming 2016, Yīyè chūnmèng 2016, Bié xiào jiānghú zhī yīyè chūnmèng 2016, 一夜春梦 / 别笑江湖之一夜春梦 2016
Release Date: 01-February-2016 (China)

Run time: 67 min

Country: China

Language: Mandarin
Director: Fan Jiaqi
Genre: Drama, Thriller, Erotic
Cast: Fan Jiaqi, Ruǎn Lì, Liu Wan Lu

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