Nen mo quan 2013 full movies free

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Nen mo quan 2013 full movies free

Nen mo quan 2013 full movies free

Nen mo quan 2013 full movies free:​ Firstly, Three looks beautiful , young girls have their own characteristics : Yuchun , coco, small a, to their way of life, a city in the southern city full of modern city cracks in hard, make a living. Soft mode circle, this seemingly stylish, gorgeous career behind the ring, filled with many people do not know about the sad and helpless ? Good, pure spring spring, originally had a childhood boyfriend Xiaoqiang , two quiet life , to love one another , because of the work of the boss’s coveted Friends coco, a little jealousy , let love drew a line ; coco, bent on the pursuit of money , at the expense of the flesh and tasted the evil ; small a, because psychologically twisted selfish , self-indulgent , but unfortunately live in the southern city as the background to the reality of hot fresh eyes , tells the group Dream girls career ? ? growing concern of love …… mostly young film and television , the circle model , but they do not understand , which contains many sad and tears , how many people were buried forever under the pyramid , while foothold in the human pyramid , also down to earth , constantly demanding their own , reflecting the values ??of humanity and reality of conflict and struggle

Nen mo quan 2013 full movies free

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Also Known As: 嫩模圈 2013
Country: China

Language: Mandarin
Genre: Erotic, Romance, Adult
Release Date in China: 01-01-2013
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese
Director: Tan Xiaogang
Panchun Chun

Xing Mei Mei

Zhu Yingying


三个外表风光,各有特点的年轻女孩:春春、coco、小a,以各自的生活方式,在南国某都市这座充满现代气息的城市夹缝里打拼、谋生。嫩模圈,这个看似时 尚、华丽的职业圈背后,充满着多少为人所不知的心酸与无奈?善良、单纯的春春,原本有一个青梅竹马的男朋友小强,二人生活平静,彼此相爱,却因工作老板的 垂涎,好友coco、小a的妒忌,让爱情划上句点;coco,一心追求金钱,不惜出卖肉体而尝到恶果;小a,因为自私心理上的扭曲,放纵自己,无奈生活 着??以南国都市为背景,以鲜活热辣的现实眼光,讲述那群追梦女孩事业、爱情的成长过程……年轻人大多关注影视圈、模特圈,但他们并不了解,其中包含多少 心酸和泪水,有多少人被永远埋在金字塔下,而能在金字塔尖上站住脚的人,也要脚踏实地,不断苛求自己,体现价值观念的冲突和人性与现实的挣扎。

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