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My Wife Got Married 2008 full movies

My Wife Got Married 2008 full movies

My Wife Got Married 2008 full movies

My Wife Got Married 2008 full movies: Firstly, It all started with football. Deok-hoon falls in love with In-ah who shares his love and passion for the sports. They quickly become lovers and he proposes. She refuses at first but they are eventually happily married. Marriage is like a dream until one day In-ah declares her wish to marry another man. She doesn’t want divorce as she loves Deok-hoon all the same, only change is that she loves the new man as much. Leaving Deok-hoon who finds himself unable to leave In-ah in the middle, she goes ahead and marries her new man. And so the bizarre bigamy begins. They look so happy everyday.


  1. Based on novel of the same name by Park Hyun-Wook.

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  • Other title: Anaega Gyeolhon Haeta 2008, 아내가 결혼했다 2008
  • Director: Jung Yoon-Soo
  • Writer: Park Hyun-Wook (novel), Song Hye-Jin, Jung Yoon-Soo, Ryu Hoon
  • Producer: Lee Young-Ki, Joo Pil-Ho, Kim Sung-Hoon
  • Cinematographer: Park Hyeon-Ok
  • Release Date in South Korea: October 23, 2008
  • Run time: 119 min.
  • Genre: Romantic-Comedy / Marriage
  • Studio: Jupiter Film
  • Distributor: CJ Entertainment
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea


Son Ye-Jin as Joo In-A

Kim Ju-Hyeok as Noh Deok-Hoon

Joo Sang-Wook as Han Jae-Kyung

Oh Jung-Se as Byeong-Su

Additional Cast Members:
  • Cheon Seong-Hun – Kim Jin-Ho
  • Oh Yeon-A – So-Young
  • Son Hee-Seon – Jae-Kyung’s mother
  • Kim Byung-Choon – Director
  • Yun Yeong-Keol – bar customer
  • Lee Joo-Sil – Deok-Hoon’s mother
  • Yang Jeong-A – Noh Deok-Joo
  • Choi Won-Hong – Joon-Seo
  • Kwon Sung-Min – Sung-Min
  • Jung Se-Hyung – Doctor
  • Ji Young-Woo
 Film Festivals
  • 2009 (12th) Shanghai International Film Festival – June 13th-22nd


  • 2008 (29th) Blue Dragon Film Awards – November 20th
    • Best Actress (Son Ye-Jin)
    • Best Couple (Son Ye-Jin & Kim Ju-Hyuk)
  • 2009 (45th) BaekSang Arts Awards – February 27th
    • Best Actress (Son Ye-Jin)
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Genre: Korean 18+


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