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My Sex Story​ 2017 full movies free

My Sex Story​ 2017 full movies free

My Sex Story​ 2017 full movies free

My Sex Story​ 2017 full movies free:​ Firstly, Jin-gyu, an out of work film school graduate, applies for the position of director with pornographic film company, Only for Men.

Secondly, the following day he is hired as an assistant director for a production called All Nude Boy, and must become accustomed to working with makeshift locations, impromptu settings, and abuse from the general public. However, the production’s lead actress, Sabine, becomes attracted to him, and the two end up speeding the night together after a staff dinner. Later, Jin-gyu gets an offer to work on a real film for a major production company.

Thirdly, Just graduated from the strong show of friends through the personnel relations and smooth entry into the big company work, a friend told him to remember the future to the benefactor to repay, strong show also take for granted. After the release of friends on the proposed with a strong show to the nightclub pastime, open eyes. Thus, Friends, as usual, invited him has been the heart of Miss Ally, try to show her that her mind is not just for the lust of the body, but, Ally was very impatient.

On other hand, Alice but as soon as possible to earn income as soon as possible,

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So, take the initiative to pull the case, he can not stand this temptation, immediately changed to say that sex is also very important.

But also requires contact with Elisa with jasmine fragrant lower body parts … and strong show Then accidentally met at night in the nightclub part-time colleagues Zhu Xi, Zhu Xi told him that he was for the father is also usury to be forced to do so, to show his secret. Soon, the strong show to recommend his benefactor ─ ─ high director, a high-breasted senior to his handsome appearance on the tempted, strong show drink two cups “to the body Xu”, to her gratitude …..

Lastly, Since then, strong show in the company’s position seems to be more consolidated, and his relationship with Zhu Xi seems to become more closely …

[Movie film title]: Devotes to My Sex Story[Chinese subtitles]
[Movie actor]: South Korean adult actor.
[Language classification pronunciation]: Koreanpronunciation. Chinese subtitles.
[Movie content]: Fashionable clothing. Adults.Plot. Provoking laughter. Erotic. Sensational.Self-consolation. Sexual affection. Having an affair.
[Movie film executive]: The laser video and musicscience and technology LLC distributes.

[Plot synopsis]:

Date: 01-01-2017

Director: Jin-gyu



Zhu Xi

【影片片名】:獻身 My Sex Story [中文字幕]
【影片演員】:韓國成人演員 .
【語種發音】:韓語發音. 中文字幕.