My Daughter’s Lover 2018

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My Daughter's Lover 2018

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My Daughter’s Lover 2018

My Daughter’s Lover 2018: Firstly, This is the story of a mother who is in love with her daughter’s lover. Next to Dong-young, who lives with her daughter Soo-yeon, the old lover Dong-man moves. Dong-man has moved to Su-yeon who follows her.

Soo-yeon’s boyfriend Jin-young is invited to Soo-yeon’s house, and Jin-young arrives early and is surprised by her young and sexy Su-yeon’s mother, Hee-young.

The relationship between the daughter’s lover and the mother, the mother’s old lover and the daughter begins …

딸 수연과 살고 있는 희영의 옆집으로 옛 애인 동만이 이사를 오게 된다. 이사 온 동만은 자기를 잘 따르는 수연에게 묘한 감정을 느낀다.

수연의 남자친구인 진영은 수연의 집에 초대를 받게 되고, 일찍 도착한 진영은 젊고 섹시한 수연의 엄마 희영의 모습에 놀라고 만다.

딸의 애인과 엄마, 엄마의 옛 애인과 딸의 위험한 관계가 시작되는데…   More Resources: – My Daughter’s Lover (Movie – 2018) – 딸의 애인 (2018)

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